How to Create a Bucket with the Google Cloud Storage Browser

Welcome to Cloud Minute. Today I’m going to show you how to create a bucket in
Google Cloud Storage using the Google Developers Console. Here is a project I just created. Here we see some “Get Started” options,
including “Create a Cloud Storage Bucket”. Clicking this brings up the Cloud Storage Browser,
which is found at Storage ->Cloud Storage ->Browser
in the left nav bar. Since this project does not have any buckets,
it prompts us to create one. Select “Create a bucket”. Here we enter our bucket name.
Bucket names must be unique across all projects. If I try to create a bucket with an obvious name, such as “demo”,
I will be told “This bucket name is not available”. There are rules about bucket names that I’ll talk about in another
Cloud Minute, but if you stick with lowercase letters, numbers,
and dashes, you’ll be fine. The create bucket dialog is quite helpful. Here I’ve typed “cloud-”, and it tells me bucket names must end
with an alphanumeric character. I finish the name “cloud-minute-demo” and click “create”. My bucket is created, and shown in the Cloud Storage browser
with the message “there are no objects in this bucket”. We will see how to upload objects to your bucket in another
Cloud Minute. I hope you found this Cloud Minute helpful.

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