How To Convert Voice Memos To MP3 & WAV In iTunes

Do you find yourself pulling out your phone
when you’ve got a great idea for a melody or even on-the-spot field recording? Turning the voice memo’s you record on your
iPhone or iPod can be easily turned into a WAV or an MP3 in iTunes. Don’t miss another opportunity when you’re
not in the studio or don’t have a mic handy. Let’s find out how. [Convert Voice Memos To MP3] Hey everyone, Jake from Transverse Audio here. Now recording with your phone or iPod microphone
isn’t the most glamorous option but when you’re in a pinch, it can be the only way. And hey, if you don’t have a professional mic, you can get away with a lot just by using your phone. First, go into iTunes and connect your device
to your computer, unless you already have your voice memos in iTunes. Click on the devise icon near the top left,
select this computer, then click Sync. When it’s done syncing, go to songs on your
computer’s library. After you’re set up, go to the top left menu
and select edit, preferences, then import settings. Here you can select WAV, MP3, and other file
types to convert to. Once you’ve selected the format you want to
convert to, select all of the files you want to convert. You can select everything by using the shortcut
(Ctrl + A) Go to file, convert, then create a new version based on your previous format selection. To help you find the ones that have already
been converted, go to the category bar and right click. Go down to “kind” and select it. This will show you the file format of everything
in iTunes. You can also check what format your voice
memo is by right-clicking the file and clicking “voice memo info”. Go up to file and it will show you the format
right here. After that, you’ll be able to drag and drop
your file to any folder you’d like and start using it in your projects! That’s it and I hope it helped! Subscribe and hit the bell button to stay
up to date on our latest videos and as always, thanks for watching!
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17 thoughts on “How To Convert Voice Memos To MP3 & WAV In iTunes

  1. Awesome.. It worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU FOR MAKING THIS, 'Transverse Audio.

    (YET) I don't understand why the process needs to be so complex that people need to search for tutorials on Youtube to figure out how to convert the format of voice memos which should be naturally compatible with the iPhones iTunes library upon creation, coming from a company which famously (and arrogantly) brags over and over that their products "just work" buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut WHATEVER.

  2. I highlight a voicemail that is in the music file, hold the shift key and click convert to wav and it says file not found. I have iPhone 6 using the latest iTunes. Trying to send a copy of a voice message to a client that doesn't do apple.

  3. I tried this with a song but it won't work because the file is protected and I don't know how to get passed it. have any tips for that?

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