How to clone web apps using Azure App Services | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to clone web apps
in Azure App Services, in this edition of
Azure Tips and Tricks. If you have an existing
application in Azure App Services
that you like to have copied over
into another region, one option you have is
to simply clone it. Instead of my
application instance, I would type in “clone”, and I’ll select “Clone app”. I want to give it
a new unique name, I’ll call this “tipclone”. I want to put this in an existing resource script that
I already have. Here, in the app service plan, I could select a new region
that I wanted to go into. Next, I hit “Clone Settings”. In this section, you’ll see
that we can clone items, such as the application settings, connection strings,
deployment source, and even custom domains. I’ll select “OK”, and I’ll
go ahead and hit “Create”. In just a few moments,
our application will be copied over into a new instance, running in that region
that we selected. Our clone should be
complete by now. If I select this option,
go to “Resource”. We’re now seeing
a new instance of our application deployed,
and here’s the URL. Here, you can see our cloned application running
inside of the browser.

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