How to Clear Safari Browsing History on Apple iPhone or iPad

Hi. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’m going
to talk through how to clear all Safari history on an Apple iPhone or iPad. If you’ve never cleared the history from the
Safari Web browser on your iPhone or iPad, then everything you’ve ever looked at is there. All of it. Just waiting for someone else to find it. If there are unsavory or questionable things
living in the Safari history on your Apple iPhone or iPad, it’s most likely in your best
interest to clear that out before someone stumbles onto it. And if it’s there, someone will eventually
find it. You can get rid of all of your browsing history
in Safari with a few taps on your screen. Step 1. Tap to launch Safari on your Apple device. Step 2. Tap the “Bookmarks” icon in the list of icons
along the bottom of the Safari browser window. The Bookmarks icon looks like an open book. Step 3. Ensure the tab with the bookmark icon is selected
along the top of the Bookmarks screen. Step 4. Select “History.” The History window opens. Step 5. Tap the blue “Clear” button in the lower right
corner of the History window. A list of options flys up from the bottom
of the screen, with a warning that all cookies and website data will be cleared from your
device. Step 6. Tap “All Time.” Your Safari browsing history on your Apple
iPhone or iPad will automatically be entirely erased.

40 thoughts on “How to Clear Safari Browsing History on Apple iPhone or iPad

  1. When i go on settings it will have clear history button but when i click it it does nothing its just gray

  2. Guys there’s an update

    1. Go on bookmarks on your safari

    2. Press the clock ( the third icon)

    3. Press clear all

    Then boom all y’all dirty bulls won’t get caught lol

  3. I was on safari looking
    at some pubg pictures and a random message popped up saying someone is watching ur browser

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