How to Clear/Delete Cache & Cookies in Google Chrome Browser-2020

Hello guys and welcome back to my
youtube channel “Teconz”.Today I will show you how to clear caches and cookies from your Google Chrome browser, and here i using this chrome browser on my windows 10 pc, but this method is common for all Windows and Mac versions. Because this Chrome has same setting location on various devices, so how to do
it?. So let’s go to our tutorial…First of all open your Google Chrome web browser, now in this home page section you can press that vertical 3 dot icon and this icon is placed at almost top of right side corner and then one drop down
menu is opening, but you can go to “Settings”. So finally i get this “Clear browsing data” settings and it is placed under the “Privacy and security” section, so just select it and it shows two tabs one is “Basic” and the another one is “Advanced” tab, so here you can
select “Advanced” tab and then click to enable following options and the first one is “Browsing history” and the second one is “Download history” and the
third one is “Cookies and other site data’s” and the final one is “Cached images and files” and these options are mandatory, but if you want to enable remaining option and this is your choice. So once you enable this options
and also you can choose time range as “All time”. Finally you can press “Clear data” option and if you have more cached data’s may be it takes some minutes, so you can wait for few moments. So in previously if you get any error messages in this google chrome browser, after this clear data process that same error message is
successfully fixed. So this is the way you can easily clear your all cached data’s from your google chrome web browser. For more tech videos you can
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