How To Cast YouTube Videos From Chrome Browser To Smart TV

This is how easy it is to cast YouTube
videos from your computer browser to a smart TV. I am talking about the Chrome
browser here because it simplifies the process. I have connected my smart TV as well as my computer to the same network using the same router. At the bottom of the YouTube window there is a cast icon, click on it. Notice that the edge browser here does not have that icon but the Chrome browser has it. The browser will start looking for the available devices. Click on your TV name and the connection will begin. The TV will launch YouTube if it was not
already launched It will continue playing the video from where you left off. In an earlier video I had taught you how to cast YouTube videos from your smart phone to your computer or laptop browser. That video is in the video description
below. Now back to the task at hand. Remember that both the TV and the
computer must be connected to the internet using the same router. The same network. The cast is successful. From the browser you can now control the video playing on the Smart TV. Play, pause and seeking as well as the
enabling captions can also be done from the Chrome browser. However the quality can only be controlled on the TV by using the TV remote control. Normally I use this method because I can instantly start watching the video on a big screen. To add to that I can also get much better sound quality. To stop casting look for the blue casting icon at the top of your browser. Click on it and the browser will separate from the Smart TV. My name is Dominic, thank you for
watching and goodbye.

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