How to block ads on Chrome Browser

Hello friends, my name is Amit Singh, and today i’ll tell you how to disable the additional irritating ads from your chrome browser for example, let me show you that if you open a webpage page you’ll some irritating ads which may bitter your experience and if, by mistake you click on them they’ll redirect you to another webpage, to disable these ads let’s go to the top right side for setting in chrome, then select setting then select extension from the options then scroll down right to the bottom and select get more extensions in top left corner you’ll find a “search the store” box, enter ad block plus into it select any extension but I prefer Fair AdBlock Plus as it is very useful extension click on +ADD TO CHROME select Add App A new tab has opened and it has two options. Step 1 for Blocking Settings in this basic settings are already blocked and in Advance settings you can block ads from the listed sources then click on Activate Ad Blocking then select Add extension from the pop-up this will follow a file download and you don’t need to worry about it after downloading you’ll get the notification Now in second step, it will ask you if you are interested to all few ads, limiting 0 to 6 for demonstration, i’ll opt it as 0 so that you don’t see any ads then select ADD TO CHROME, after this you’ll get a pop-up to Add extension just click on that Now, you extension has been installed successfully you can experience the effect of this extension by going on the previous webpage, let me close the other tabs, and refresh it let’s just wait for a sec Now, here you’ll see that all the irritating ads are gone and you can explore your stuff without ads with this guys, i’ll close my today’s session, I hope you might find it useful

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