How to Become a Ruby on Rails Developer

Do you know how to become a Ruby on Rails
developer? In the real world, it takes more than reading
a book on Ruby on Rails and moving to Silicon Valley, though in 1999 that might have been
enough. How do you become a Ruby on Rails developer
now? You could sign up for the Launch Academy to
learn Ruby on Rails. Unlike certificate programs you could take get by watching videos and
paying $200, they actually have ten weeks of bootcamp and require a portfolio of work. Skillshare has a five week course. If you do a course like that, you need to
have a portfolio of online projects that potential employers can see and test online. Is there a standard test to take? Like the
Professional Engineering exam for engineers or Microsoft MSCE? For Ruby on Rails, no. That’s one of the
few things you could respect Microsoft for doing, using tests to prove you know what
you need to know. There are jokes about how weird some questions
are, like what if the floor is covered with snakes and you need to grab a cable. Hey, anything to ensure 100% uptime. Anyway,
one of the ways to prove your legitimacy is to get a Git and GitHub accounts. That sounds redundant. GitHub and Git are standard platforms for
getting software, deploying software, managing software projects and collaboration. No one
takes you seriously with Ruby on Rails if you can’t log in and show them your work
on GitHub. I feel like there’s a missing step here. Visit the Ruby on Rails dot org website to
read the documentation on the project. And bookmark the Ruby on Rails guides. What is your opinion of Rails for Zombies
at Code School? I think they wanted to set a bar lower than
Ruby for dummies and idiots and found that was the only lower they could go.

2 thoughts on “How to Become a Ruby on Rails Developer

  1. Git is not a platform, it's a tool. Github accounts don't really sell you. RailsCast and Rails for zombies is plenty, to learn by. If you want to get a job, find something to build, and build it. You'll learn more in a day than a week building something for some class.
    If you really want to find a Job, go to rails meet ups. They are all over. Go on IRC and chat with other developers. Don't pay for a class, just build something and ask questions.

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