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Intellipaat my name is Anirudh and in this session I’ll be teaching you how you can
become a Python developer in 2020 well guys 2019 is almost over and it
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so on that note I hope you guys had a nice day so let’s quickly check out the
agenda for this session well guys we’ll begin by checking out
what Python is we’ll just have a very quick introduction about it next we’ll
check out why we need to go about learning Python and third we’ll check
out what’s the roadmap that’s gonna take you from where you are right now to
becoming a Python developer and fourth we’ll check out what makes a good Python
developer right that’s a very important step and then we’ll be checking out
what’s next after this and then oh stick to the end of the video I’m gonna be
guiding you on how you can get certified in Python and pretty much kickstart your
carrier in Python guys so without further ado let’s come to the first
point on our agenda so what is Python well I’m sure we’ve all heard of the
term Python and we’ve had our friends or families who have been Python
programmers right these days Python is being taught I as early as ninth grade
oh there’s a ninth grade school syllabus where one of my friends was discussing
with me saying he his kid is pretty much you know learning Python and I was
flabbergasted by that so here coming back guys python is one of the best
programming languages out there right now it is it is a very easy to learn
object-oriented language which involves a lot of high-level programming very
simple very easy to go easy to code with and then at the end of it it is
primarily used for web and app development and this is a very key a key
factor in today’s world because now the entire world in my opinion today
revolves around the Internet you know it revolves around
Applications is based on the internet right I mean think about cloud services about
10 years ago pretty much was let’s say I wouldn’t say non-existent but then think
about how it was 10 years ago and how it is today so python is pretty much had
that strong footing you know for a while now it was Java which was the king of
programming languages a couple of years ago and then Python came and stole the
throne guys so the key takeaway from this slide for you guys is that Python
is an amazing object-oriented language and it is a high-level programming
languages which means that even without prior knowledge of programming you can
pretty much understand what’s happening with the code you can take a 90%
short-short guess at what’s happening with the code and there’s a very good
chance you know you pretty much write so that in programming language terms is a
win-win for a beginner and it makes the life of an intermediate or an advanced
programmer easy as well guys so here’s a fun fact you might be thinking hey
Python wasn’t here when I was in school or you know I was learning C in school
or basic in school right well here’s a fact python has been in existence since
the 1980s right so that’s a long time that’s like almost 40 years ago so
python is gonna turn 40 years old pretty much in the next coming year and then it
has gained hel lots of momentum in the beginning of the 20th century I mean
21st century I’m sorry and it has been rising in in popularity across the world
right so I remember joining this Python community where we were just a handful
of members let’s say somewhere around a couple thousand numbers and now there
are millions across the world there are kids others everyone we’ve oh you
know pretty much everyone we have or so it scholars in our communities we have
you know subject matter experts guys give so many people with a wide spectrum
of age and Nationality that it it’s it’s amazing how you know Python just reached
everyone and then everyone is so comfortable to work with if you’re a
beginner it’s amazing to start with the fear and intermediate programmer is an
amazing language to jump to and if you’re not advanced programmer you can
exploit the language for all of you needs right so we have mr.Guido van rossum he was a person who created Python, here’s a fun fact how he just retired from Dropbox day before yesterday guys so
he’s been working until date as a programmer at Dropbox and he just took
retirement from the entire world of information technology is two days
earlier that’s a fun fact for you guys so coming to facts here are quick Python
facts that I thought I’ll just let you guys know because again we might not be
exposed to kind of information like this right so Mozilla Firefox is a browser
with that most of us used and then this has over 230,000 lines of code just
written in Python I mean did we guys guys did we know this I mean pretty much
head to the comment section and do let me know if you guys actually knew this
file and then Microsoft well Microsoft was pretty much started as a business
where they were charging the lot and they realized that open source is the
next biggest thing and whatever Microsoft tries to push today is pretty
much open source and free so they promote Python development and they have
their own ID which is an amazing IDE we call it Visual Studio and they pretty
much promote they teach Python development of their Academy and there’s
so much more about you know just this world of just this world of open source
and how Microsoft pretty much came into this world of open source and they’re
helping the community grow as well guys and then coming to Netflix well who
doesn’t use Netflix right I mean think about it
well Netflix you know it shares its extensive user base of data it’s you
know whatever the users been playing whatever is being recommended to the
user you know what language is the user likes to watch I mean it takes just a
billion facts about the user and gives custom recommendations to the user or to
such a level of depth that I have not seen anywhere else so let’s say you like
Tom Cruise a lot and you’ve been watching a lot of Tom Cruise films on
Netflix oh so what Netflix does it is so intelligent where the thumbnails of the
movies that you see write thumbnails are those fining images which are you know
which give you an idea of what the images those thumbnails keep changing
and Netflix has a mish learning algorithm which does it for
them so it pretty much goes about changing those thumbnails based on the
favorite actors you like to watch I mean how cool is that they’re making it a
homely experience for the viewers by showing them their favorite actors all
the time and this takes a lot of knowledge and data science and machine
learning guys and they’re doing it right and the most important thing is they’re
doing it with Python guys so coming to Uber now we all know Uber, Uber says
that they use jupiter notebooks and ipython to share a lot of data and
between their drivers and between their passengers communicating the backend
data with the with respect to the passengers and the uber central connect
that’s what they call it and and so much more I mean I whenever the first time I
pretty much go on reading facts about Python every time I’m taken aback by how
cool the language is and if to you know go about reading about the people who
are Python developers guys they are they absolutely love what they’re doing
irrespective of the company respect of the country they’re from you know
irrespective of their level of expertise with Python everyone in our community
pretty much just loves working with Python so on that note I’m sure you guys
might be curious about a quick couple of features about Python right I’ve broken
it down into very simple terms and I’ll quickly walk you through the features of
Python guys again Python the most important features at I believe is
Python is extremely easy to learn and use for a beginner guys if I had to ever
go back to my school days or my college days I would pretty much pick Python
with if I had the knowledge I have enough because you know first of all
there are there is no dreaded semicolons guys I have been tired of my entire life
you know pretty much walking with semicolons back when I was in school and
college and I I’m just done with it you know and then now with Python there is
no semicolon I mean this is one simple fact that I am NOT nitpicky about and
the best part is for beginners it is a high-level programming language where as
I’ve already mentioned you might not know what the syntax is doing it might
just look like code right there’s a reason we call it code it might look
like code to you or even as a beginner you’ll just look at the corner and you’d
be like hey okay this is a print statement this is doing this so you
pretty much could guess it even though you would not know you know what’s going
on with the language guys so that’s the number one most important feature I
would like to highlight for you guys and number two Python is a very expressive
language guys if you can understand the code that you’re writing even as a
beginner even as an advanced programmer I sometimes get stuck with languages
where I do not understand what the code means and I have to you know be stuck
with it learn more about it and work with it
well since Python is an expressive language you can go about understanding
what exactly is happening to your code you know what exactly you want to do
with your code so if you know what your Python goal is then translating that
goal into code is extremely easy because of because of how easy it is to mould
around and work with Python in my opinion guys hence this deserves the
number two or number two place an order or features list and then coming to
number three well number three is probably another amazing fact about
Python that it does an interpreted language Oh what is the main advantage
of an interpreted language well let me tell you there is one advantage and
there’s one tiny disadvantage sure as well the advantage is that let’s say you
have one if/else clause let’s say you have a statement if statement and you
have an else statement or something or let’s say you just have two different
statements which does two different things so if one of the statements is
wrong in that particular case but you will not be executing that statement
Python will never tell you that you have an error even if a statement is wrong
since Python is not going to execute that statement it will be like it’s all
cool but if I mean sure if you were executing the statement which had a
mistake Python will give you a beautiful error explaining what the actual law
error goes about that’s another thing I love about Python but this advantage of
you doing a mistake and Python not picking it up and still being able to
execute line by line as amazing guys so the tiny disadvantage here is that you
might not realize that you have made a mistake because unless you unlike other
languages you know it does not compile it and then execute it right so since we
do not have that compiled procedure here you will not realize that you have made
that tiny mistake somewhere and thousands of lines of code and it comes
to bite you back later and then you will realize that okay now this is a small
disadvantage well do not worry you guys as a beginner and an intermediate user
you pretty much will not be stuck with any of these if you have the right
training and if you have your foundation strong so that’s number three coming to
number four again I’ve been pushing the free and the open source card for a
while in my life right now and I believe this again is a very important thing to
the community because I just read a couple of months ago one important fact
about python is that python has played a huge role you know in in the in the
research which went about detecting a cancer prematurely and therefore
increased the you know the rate of finding if the cancer is you know
malignant or benevolent and so much more guys so this think about it if it was
paid there’s a very good chance that the developer who probably founded out the
team who found it out lets it they didn’t want to pay for it or something
and it wouldn’t come up right this is one instance I am giving you and we have
millions of users and Python so think about how many users who would have not
picked up Python if it weren’t for you guys and open-source communities are the
most friendliest communities in the world well guys if you have not stepped
into our Intellipaat’s or technical community I suggest you come say bye say
hi meet all the other learners alongside you or you can meet subject matter
experts you can meet design architects you can meet technical consultants I
mean we have so many guys we have so many people asking questions and
answering in our own community well it’s it’s it’s amazing here guys
so anyway coming to the fifth or important feature of python and it is
the vast amount of libraries I mean the first time I was trying to learn about
Python somebody told me there are over 2,000 libraries that you might have to
learn and I was taken aback I was like I was overwhelmed at that point of time
well think about it it’s a language it’s an amazingly I’m sorry were that also
it’s an amazingly uh you know easy to learn language but it has n number of
libraries that you to go about mastering right well not
exactly your work with Python might be very customized at a point of time where
you might have to just learn five or six libraries and just be an expert in those
libraries guys you’re very famous libraries like numpy like pandas you
know like sky pie and so much more Oh anyways we’ll just be quickly checking
out what the libraries are when we talk about each of the concepts but yeah the
amount of libraries the the number of ways that you can attack Python
throughout and exploit its functionality for you for your business to make more
money is just out of this world guys and that brings us to number six good old
object-oriented programming concept site so yes python is an object-oriented
language and it is one of the most amazing object-oriented language and I
and I keep stressing there’s so much I mean it is not just I am a fan of Python
it’s just that I am I am on the strain which believes that Python is the best
programming language that pretty much you know is helping beginners to get
started with it guys all you’re gonna need is a very good foundation and
you’re gonna need some certification to add to your resume and then you’re good
to go so that brings us to the end of features guys now this is another
important question you might be wondering about why should we learn
Python well I’ll break it down in very simple
terms but to give you a quick couple of numbers you know Python is ranked number
three on the TIOBE index are just basically an index which provides the
which provides a couple of very good insights and facts and it’s numbers 3 on
the index which is which stands for popularity of programming languages so
pretty much Python number 3 in the entire world as the most popular
language today and the second one it pretty much tops the list given by our IEEE spectrum I mean IEEE friends they pretty much have a spectrum
which goes on as the number one language to learn they say that our Python is the
language to go to I mean how cool is that
and then it’s preferred for domains like data science machine learning and
artificial intelligence so we know that data science is the biggest blow out of
the 21st century asses right so knowing that Python is the preferred domain for
data science just adds so much fuel to the fire there and
helps you know learners learn more about Python and data science as well guys the
outreach is unbelievable coming to again machine learning and at the end of the
data science and machine learning well majorly if I have to put it under one
umbrella I would say it is all just to achieve artificial intelligence right
it’s as simple as that so you might be wondering why you should learn Python
okay cool you have the facts with you but then think about the endless
opportunities you can do web development you can do app development you can go on
to achieve artificial intelligence you can do binary classification you can do
regression you can you know exploit everything there is about deep learning
there is about neural networks and so much more the you just need to have that
creative thought and have a goal in mind you just need that goal and then you can
get to that goal really quick if you just know what you’re getting at guys
so these are some of the really big names and a couple of I have a couple of
very close friends who work at these places guys so I friends at Facebook
Google NASA Cobra Amazon reddit Netflix Dropbox and Instagram and they love
their jobs as Python developers well if you are considering to become a Python
developer why not aim for the stars well these are some of the good fortune 500
companies and there is every chance if you have the foundations right again I’m
going to stress this and if you have the certification right you can land a job
here as well so you might be wondering well so what does Python used for well
Python is used for everything around you it is so subtly integrated into your
life that you don’t realize it anymore if you’re watching this on YouTube right
now then yes python is working there with their machine learning and deep
learning algorithms well if you’re watching this on an Android phone Python
is working there if you’re watching this on an iOS device this Python is working
there python is pretty much there everywhere and you will be taken aback
by knowing how many job requirements there are which come up every single day
for the language guys so try to break it all down for you and to keep it very
simple and very quick I have broken it down into this particular Python roadmap
guys so here’s a funny thing which I pretty much read a couple of days ago so
these are three steps on how to become a developer the first thing you will not
know anything about becoming a developer runs
second thing is you’ll say bring me some tea or bring me some chai and then you
will drink the tea and at the end of it you will learn how to become a
programmer and you’re like I know everything right now this is again one
of our in one of the hilarious memes which moves around in the development
community and I thought we could just have a quick laugh you know in this
particular session guys so anyway coming back to seriousness the first step
pretty much in your Python journey is to decide why you want to learn Python guys
pretty much you need to have that goal in mind what is your goal do you want to
achieve artificial intelligence do you want to help the medical field do you
want to get into the military and show them what powerful Python can do you
know to secure your homeland I mean you just need to have a goal it might be as
simple as you know just writing a calculator app on your own and just you
know enjoying the application but at the end of it the first important step ever
to become a Python developer is to know why you want to do it because once you
understand why you want to do it then pretty much everything from now on
becomes very easy because step two is just finding good material to study with
guys you will be overwhelmed by the amount of material Python has let it be
paid let it be free or let it be anything in this world you will just be
confused beyond your head about how many things that exist where you can go about
studying Python and at the end of the day you you just mixed up you don’t have
your foundations right you pretty much have your raw learning done and bits and
pieces and that is not a good way to go just probably find one good institution
one good book work with that from start to end and then you will be on your way
guys this that that brings us to step number three which is an extremely
important step in case you’re considering becoming a Python developer
very seriously you might be from an electrical background you might be from
a computer science background you might be not a technical you you might be a
non-technical guy for all that matters you will need to add that weight in
your resume because there as you may is just yourself in two simple pages right
you need to sell yourself to the interviewer and such a nice way that the
guy pretty much would want you in his company so you this will you know having
a Python course and the Python certificate and telling the world that
you know you’re pretty much certified to work
by thing you have done some projects in this and you know you have a strong foot
with the programming language and you can work your way across it this is
going to be the biggest advantage and I have seen it personally in many
organizations they do prefer certification programs and if you are
certified in a language they will believe and pretty much you will prove
it as well that you are good with that guys and this brings us to step four
Step four again after having a certification sure you can always get
back to their Python official Python has an official documentation page where you
know for a beginner I wouldn’t recommend it but then short guys if you are
curious to see it that curiosity you can always head to the pythons or Python
documentation pages and then just give it a read-through I mean I wouldn’t I
wouldn’t suggest sit and low on from the official Python or Commission but here
if you could do it it’s amazing but if you cannot we are always here to help
you guys so stick to the end of this video to understand how you can get
certified and Python so anyway now on that note this brings us to step 5 step
5 as I’ve already been telling you there are thousands and thousands of framework
and libraries for Python you need to pick what your niche is you need to pick
oh you know what your requirement is this is my step one is very important
you need to know your goal if you know your goal let’s say my goal right now is
to probably work with machine learning you know machine learning deep learning
artificial intelligence or anything I can just come true or no come to Python
and pick up all of the top libraries you know there are sky pie the tensor flow
there’s pi torch I can pick up just handpick all of these library start
learning them work with them do projects in them get certified put it in my
resume and then hey I just sold myself really well to a fortune 500 company
well god bless I can pretty much you know land a job at Google or Facebook if
I’ve done all of this right right so this is a hypothetical situation for me
but then for you guys you can do it Python is very easy and you can get
there very easily guys this brings us to step number six step number six is
somewhat my personal addition to this in a particular roadmap is you peon you’re
taking a peek into the source code of your favorite Python program right so
let’s say you know let’s consider the fun fact that you never knew you can
classified dogs and cats using Python I mean yeah we have a machine learning
binary classifier we just need to show that classifier and image and it will
tell if it’s a cat or a dog or whatever right
so let’s say you have a couple of pets you want to mess around with then you
can pretty much start uploading pictures right a machine learning algorithm
basically a binary classifier you can write a classifier show the classifier a
couple of images of cats and dogs and it will classify it for you it’ll say hey
this is a dog hey this is a cat and so much more
so consider if this was your favorite Python program then just get on the
website this get on our YouTube channel we have pretty much use cases for all of
these amazing datasets out there you know just hit us up or you can get in
touch with any of our subject matter experts in case you need any help with
your favorite source code as well so you can pretty much go there just mess
around even if you do not understand what’s happening with the code just
quickly take a look at the code just see what’s going on at the back end because
at the end of it you never know when that idea strikes in your head to do
something right and then you will feel comfortable you will feel at home when
you’re just taking a look at the source code of your favorite Python program and
then this is how I fell in love with or with Python now to begin with all these
years ago and I believe that it might help you guys so head to the comments
section if you have had any or you know experiences like this is let me know
there guys so on that note next we’ll be good checking about how we can become a
good Python developer guys so just give me quick 30 seconds I’ll just grab a cup
of water I’ll be back hey guys I am back it’s amazing to see
the number of comments number of enthusiastic learners we have today and
it’s it’s really great guys you will not regret learning python and I believe
we have an actual roadmap right now to tell you what are the skills that you
need to become a good Python developer guys the number one thing that you will
require is a good problem-solving mindset because at the end of it or
again see python not just Python not just machine
learning or not any of these fancy terms it will involve a you know some some
wood a basic of mathematics and converting this mathematics into coding
guys if you know how you can do it or it might not be mathematics let’s say you
can pretty much I’ll begin to approach any problem and if you can do it
efficiently well you’re on your way to become a good Python developer and guys
that is a very important point right there and number two is having strong
technical skills well you might be wondering guys you might have students
among with us today you might just have enthusiastic to
switch from another language or anything and you might be wondering if your
technical skills are really that strong well guys if you do not have strong
technical skills well not to worry we at Intellipaat are here to train you
and get your skills right up there you know to hit the bank my benchmark and to
hit the combination there guys so title again I’ll help you to become a good
Python developer and coming to number three having that strong communication
skill at the end of the day see you will need very good communication skills
because you will be working with the team and then you will have to
communicate your code to your non-technical people as well that
becomes a very important factor here and then at the end of it since you might be
writing thousands of lines of code you need to document that code as well if
you have very good communication skills then your documentation will be out of
this world which is going to help your pure self your superior self with
juniors or whatever it may be even your customer for that matter right so that
is going to get you on your way to become a good Python developer as well
guys if pretty much everyone here can gather all of these skills it’s just a
matter of time and effort and then the fourth most important thing is you need
to have the eagerness to go about learning and mastering the language guys
as I’ve been trying to tell you all the while Python has been the most fun thing
that pretty but a lot of people I know have done and
then it’s it’s not me we have millions of people in the community who actually
agree that at one point of time they taught Python was stuff and they then
they started to get the hands messy with the language and now if they just love
the language absolutely guys so that is again another important thing so you
might be wondering what’s next right so as soon as you are done with all of this
just make sure to get your hands dirty with as many projects as you can guys
you can pretty much go on making a note pad using TKinter you can do a message
encode decode using TKinter binary classifier using machine learning
hangman game and fights in browser automation using selenium tracking bird
migration using Python Twitter sentiment analysis is again a very here you know
very nice thing which beginners and intermediate learners go about when
they’re using pi try mean these are just some of the things that were at the top
of my head and these are some of the things that learners actually like to do
but then you can do any number of projects you want do a lot of projects
put them in your github sell yourself you will land a fortune 500 job in my
opinion guys so this brings us to pretty much the last concept in the session
guys so what do we do about further learning guys there is one particular
quote which I absolutely love and it says that an investment in
knowledge always pays the best interest rate I mean how strong is this Quote so
just give that a read and then think about it right you just might be a
casual learner you just might be an expert in this field or anything for
that matter of having an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest
in my opinion guys so in case if I guys looking for any further learning make
sure again as I’ve always said or subscribe to our YouTube channel in case
if you’re into videos but then if you are an habit blog reader we do have an
amazing blog channel here at Intellipaat so you can pretty much head toward
blocked channels give it a read we have subject matter experts and we have
architects who pretty much go on to write out blogs and then we publish or
we publish a lot of blogs and we take in a lot of requests as well so if you have
any requests you can head to the comment section and pretty much put for us and
then we will you know we will write and customize the blog where
a lot of learners will be learning from those blogs as well guys so beyond this
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give you a 30% off on our courses and then you know you just get in touch with
our course advisors and pretty much people from our team and then we’ll be
more than happy to help you out guys so youtube 30 is the core and i and i just
hope that you guys go for it and pretty much i’ll be on your way to become an
expert in python and you know become a good Python developer and i hope to
welcome you all to our community here as well guys so on that note this brings us
to the end of our session if you have any queries if you have any suggestions
guys head to the comment section below and leave us a comment there will be
more than happy to help you out here at and intellipaat we absolutely love
learners and our support team stands by 24/7 365 days of the year – pretty much
sure I know help you with anything that you require and we have our course
advisor stand by at the same time throughout the or throughout the year as
well guys so pretty much if you need any more help make sure you just reach out
to our course advisors and experts and we’ll be more than happy to help you out
so I hope you guys have had a good day on that note we’ll meet in our next
session really soon guys so have a good night see you on the next one

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