How to adjust browser preview volume in FL Studio

This video will show you how to adjust the volume on an audio preview in the browser. To fix this, go to options and then audio. You’ll see something called “preview mixer track”. Let’s set it to 99. Now the metronome, as well as the audio previewed in the browser will be routed through mixer insert number 99. Now you can use this fader to adjust the volume on the audio previewed in the browser. That’s it, i’m uploading new tutorials and template every week, so make sure to subscribe to this channel so that you won’t miss out. Is there any specific tutorial you like me to make, or perhaps you have a question? Just leave me a comment below.

29 thoughts on “How to adjust browser preview volume in FL Studio

  1. how do i remove two same automations on same mixer channel and the same nob…of the effect….? how do i completely remove onw of it?

  2. Hey man, thanks for your tutorials. When I preview my samples, some of them are long, like 15 seconds for example, and preview ends before sample is ended. So there is a stoppage in the middle of a sample. Can you help with that?

  3. Hey when i preview a sample in the browser it sounds off or kinda high pitched . Do you know how to fix that?

  4. Do you mind helping me out?
    I did everything you did in this video, but still, I have 0 audio on my FL studios.

  5. im sorry im confused i did exactly what you said but still no volume or anything when i click on one of those i still get volume every where else tho

  6. I didn't know we could do that! good to know.
    and I have a question:
    how to adjust the volume of the final song?
    for example I have finished my project and exported it to an mp3, but other songs are always more louder. if I use soundgoodizer, my song will become so dirty and noisy. so what should I do? I already adjusted each pattern's volume to the highest level possible.

  7. Is there an way to change the volume of audio clips on the audioclip it self like in cubase or pro tools? There i can mark multiple tracks in the arranger and then pull them up also i can see the result on the waveform hope you understand what i mean 🙂

  8. thank you for the tutorial although there is something I am not understanding. I am not initially able to preview after following your instructions. I went to the forum and the solution was to load the file into the channel rack so then you can preview the sample.

  9. Can't help it but always end up stumbling upon this channel again. I can't believe that I didn't search for this feature earlier, I guess I didn't because I couldn't think of it existing. You guys are making great helpful stuff, keep em' comin'! <3

    Edit: Just found out that if you open up a new instance of Edison through the FL GUI, it puts it in that channel as well, so no more earrape by Edison as well! Yaaay!

  10. I have audio when placing the sample on my channel rack but I cannot hear any audio when trying to hear the sample in the browser. I tried routing to 99 like in this video but nothing happens when i click the sample. no green bar rises like it did in yours. any suggestions?

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