How to add music to iPhone from iTunes if drag & drop doesn’t work

Hi everyone! In this video I’m going to demonstrate what
to do if you’re unable to drag & drop music files from your iTunes library to your iPhone. First I’m going to connect my iPhone to the
PC. [USB device connected sound] iTunes opens
and the phone is syncing at the moment. OK. And this is my library. If the songs you want to transfer to your
phone are already in the library, there should be no problem, but once you’ve connected the
phone and you add a file to your library, it may happen that the song is not added. I’m going to demonstrate it now. ‘Add File to Library’ and let’s say ‘One Republic’. So this is the song: ‘Wherever I Go’ by One
Republic. I’ve just added this to my library. I’m going to drag & drop now to iPhone. And when I open my iPhone, you can see there
is no ‘One Republic’. So the song was not added and I’m going to
show you why. Here there is a phone icon. Just click on this icon. This is the ‘Settings’ page and you can see
in the ‘Options’ ‘Manually manage music and videos’ – this is unticked. If this is unticked, you basically cannot
delete songs from your iPhone, cannot add new songs to your iPhone. I’m going to tick this now and press ‘Done’. iTunes will ask if you’d like to apply these
changes – ‘Apply’. I’m going to go back to my library now and
go to ‘Songs’. I will try and add this song again. So just drag & drop. Robert’s iPhone. And up here you could see it was updating. And when I go back to ‘Music’, the song is
there. So when your songs are not added to the iPhone,
just remember to check the settings and make sure the ‘Manually manage music and videos’
options is ticked. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to add music to iPhone from iTunes if drag & drop doesn’t work

  1. The “mannualy saved music and video thing “ was already checked on my itunes but it won’t let me sync my music in itunes to my phone library please help me 😭

  2. thx man i been stuggleing for weeks now finally a good person with good tutorials srry for bas english but you got my sub <3

  3. I tried to follow however everything you said in this video I've already done before Need help to actually put it on like after I put on manually manage files and still nothing HELP PLZ Much Obliged brother thanks

  4. You do know you can drag and drop to iphone…. you didn’t have to drop it to songs . I drag and drop it straight to the iPhone under music

  5. Thanks Robert! I just got a new iPhone XS and was having a lot of trouble getting mp3's from iTunes to my phone. This one thing immediately fixed my problem. Thanks!

  6. you save my lifee I WAS WONDERING IT WOULDNT WORK cause it worked that time but now it worked thanks me dud u earned ur self a subscriber good job and great job have a good future

  7. Thank you so much! I have not been able to figure this out, but your video was awesome. It worked for me just like you showed!

  8. on my iphone just says "manage videos" it doesnt show the message "manage music and videos" how can i solve this problem you know ?

  9. Thank you it worked I did it on my old iPhone a bunch of times, and today I got a new phone and I was super worried that I couldn’t transfer music and found this video and it worked thanks.

  10. cant drag and drop, and options only has the option to manage videos and not music, why cant this shit be easy?

  11. When I was 12, I had my first smoke & my first single malt.  I believe I said, "so that's what's been missing all my life".  I didn't think that comment could ever be repeated until I happened upon your tutorial after reviewing more than a half dozen each more bewildering than the last.  Thank you for preventing my iPhone from being tossed or pissed on – both from a dizzying height & saving me from having yet another e-stroke.

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