what’s going on guys this is mike here with
lunch break lunch this video is all about the highest-paying apps that pay
cash so all the apps when we’re showing you guys they’re free and they do pay
out cash via PayPal things like that so these are the best apps that I found
that will pay you guys with cash you don’t have to start you know it cost
nothing to start with any of those they’re all free you just download them
onto your smartphone Apple Android doesn’t matter they’re available for all
of them so let’s jump in here and if you guys just let you guys know these are
not gonna make you rich these apps if you guys are looking for ways to make
money online these things I’m showing you are not it you’re gonna make like 20
30 50 maybe even a hundred bucks you’re not gonna make thousands you can’t
replace your you know your income your full-time income job with these apps
they just don’t exist out there if you guys are interested and actually making
money online especially high ticket affiliate marketing you can click on the
link below it’s in the description there’s a course you can take it’s not
free it’s seven bucks so it’s not like hundreds of dollars for a course it’s
seven dollars or a dollar a day for a week if you can afford that definitely
check it out it’s worth every dime other places would probably sell that same
course four thousand bucks because it’s it’s really good information so check
that out it’s in the link below the description let’s jump in here so you
guys to start working with these apps the first one is called reward well now
you do have to do a few things at home you can watch videos complete surveys
and you can take daily sweepstakes now there is some in-store stuff that you
can do you can give product feedback you can actually visit retail stores and
answer trivia and a half paid out a little over five million dollars so far
has been earned with rewardable.com and make it’s literally that simple
you’re just going to download the app you are going to complete the the tasks
that are available in there you’re gonna cash it out through PayPal so you will
have to you know have a PayPal or PayPal debit card I have a paypal debit card
that I can take my money out with you can get one of those for free from
PayPal but this one is a very simple it’s got over 10,000 five-star reviews
on the App Store so a lot of people join it it is a legitimate way to make money
but all these hundreds of dollars you see throwing up like that you’re not
gonna make that so don’t expect that to be like that’s gonna be a few dollars
guys that’s it okay so go check out reward Abul and your spare time is free
to join get the app next up is something called cricket this is actually like a
game okay it’s a game where you go you download the app and then you get your
chance to spin and then if you win your money it’s like a
sharing your winnings moment with like all the people that are in at that
current time so like you said if they spend the thing as fifty bucks and
there’s a hundred people on there you get the idea but you can spend if you
guys want to learn how to play you can do that right here so you know it’s a
very fun live little app type thing that you’re gonna be doing your collect your
spins you’ll spin them and then do all that kind of fussing but it’s free to
join the game you can register play all that kind of
good stuff you guys can check that out at cricket comm the next app of a
something called filled agent now filled agent you will have to have a car you
can’t do this from home filled agent is where you’re actually going out to
different locations and literally what it says you’re a field agent you’re
gonna be out there completing tests you’re gonna download the app you’re
gonna create your profile and it’s gonna notify you of jobs that are nearby okay
it’ll show them on a map and you can actually go and accept one of those jobs
and you’ll usually have less than two hours so click the jobs and you’ll get
paid out as soon as it is completed but it’s very very simple a base they can
pay out with PayPal and things like that as well
but this is how you make money our field isn’t use their smartphone to collect
photos videos and information from stores and other locations this
information is often used by businesses to better their customers just like you
so that’s basically what they’re doing there’s crowdsourcing and not having to
pay a an ad agency to go out and do the research so like that they’re paying you
guys a little bit of money to do that okay so that is called field agent all
these are legitimate ones that I find guys so make sure you go check all these
out one of them be able to work for you IQ is the next one now this one is for
individuals you can sign up you’ll actually get paid to respond via text
message so if you want to get paid to share your opinion you can do that an
individual business can sign up see it’ll show you up here on your
smartphone hey we have a new question for you and then this is gonna walk you
through it about what do you do in the morning what type of tablet do you have
what is your favorite pizza where do you get your morning coffee right so you can
like I get a Starbucks other I don’t drink coffee
and then basically congratulations you’ve been paid 50 cents into your
PayPal account see this is what I’m talking about it’s 50 cents guys so it’s
gonna take a lot to actually make some money with this okay just so you guys
know that and then perks is the next one so you can’t download perks perks has a
few different companies sorta like under their umbrella and a few of them down
here are like perk TV so you get paid to watch
Verte eyes mitts youtube ads trailers things like that and then give your
opinion you can do biggle and you can actually do this scratch to win it’s
another game type thing that you can actually do and get paid of course
you’re gonna see a lot of advertisements throughout it and things like that and
you’re not gonna make a whole lot of money cuz it’s the advertisers that are
paying for all these guys and advertisers it’s just like YouTube you –
alright you – they’re paying like three to five cents like per view of an entire
ad and you got to think you’re only getting like a couple of pennies of that
so it’s gonna take a lot of stuff in order to make a decent amount of money
with this okay so that is per perk has three different ways you can make money
three different apps you can download per TV vehicle and scratch to win but
they have paid out over fifty seven million dollars in rewards so far now
points prizes another one they have a few different things that you can do
they befouled dashboard you can log in check stuff out like I said it’s
available for Apple and Android as long with desktop you’re gonna be doing offer
will also advertisers will pay you for learning you know about their products
you’re gonna take surveys you can watch video ads and they have daily bonuses
and then you can catch those things for Bitcoin PayPal all these different gift
cards you can cash those in I recommend this getting PayPal cash it out you
curious how it works you come up here click on how it works and it’s the same
thing right now there’s 15 million active members in there you’re gonna go
through look you’re gonna claim your prizes once you get your points you’re
gonna do a bunch of tasks and you have available things that you can do inside
the platform will show you on the left-hand side there where you need to
go to do your things the next up there’s something called slideshow you can
actually paid instead of your phone having nothing on the homepage when it’s
unlocked so basically every time when you go to swipe it open it’s gonna show
you an advertisement and this is called slide joy so basically it works for
Android phones and you will see a just like this when you go to hit the home
button on your phone you’re gonna see ads you have to swipe over to open up
your phone to actually you know get into your phone and you’re gonna see the
advertisements that the advertisers are paying for in promotions that’s all
there is – and you’re gonna get paid you know for looking at your phone for
letting them put ads on your actual phone and you’ll have different ads you
know based on like your content and all that kind of stuff but that’s how it
works and people can actually companies to come there and advertise people will
download and you’ll get paid to do that now this is something called ibotta
now this is if you’re already out the all the ones that I showed your ways
make money this is if you’re out there check this out so if you’re out there
and you’re already spent money in every store if you go to
Walgreens Walmart it doesn’t matter what store you go to save the receipt because
you can actually snap a picture of the receipt into your thing and it’s going
to see what they’re basically using your receipts to see what kind of products
you are buying based on your location and things like that so you get to hunt
for supported stores you got Walmart food line Kroger’s Walgreens all you do
is snap a picture of your receipt where you go and basically they’re gonna see
that all the crap that you’re buying and they’re using this for marketing
research that’s what they’re using it for okay that’s all you have to do is
snap and you’re actually gonna get paid with money for doing that real cash
BMO PayPal and that’s how it works I say you just snap a picture and you’re gonna
get paid you download the app it’s not a picture set all your information up and
you’re gonna get paid this is a way if you’re when you’re already purchasing
stuff or heck while you’re out if you’re not purchasing something does a hey can
I have your receipt or look in the trash can is probably receipts in the trash
can snap a picture of the receipt there you go same way with this this one over
here is called vets rewards so when you’re out going to shopping it’s the
same thing as crowdsourcing data that they need you shouldn’t scan your
receipt and then basically report your earnings for every time and points that
you scan your receipt and then guess what you’re here Awards you can cash it
out people love the at all these are five stars if you’re already buying
stuff anyways you’re gonna get the money back okay look at all the receipts that
have been scanned nearly 96 million receipts have been scanned and here
because you’re getting free money same way this is the last one guys which is
receipt hog okay receipt Hall works the same way but it
also has some cool games that you can play so you can get bonuses so you just
go scan your seat you’ll get a bonus it you’re gonna redeem your coins for
PayPal and Amazon gift cards it’s available Apple and Android
these last three I just threw in there as bonuses because if you’re already out
having to buy shop groceries gas doesn’t matter save the receipt and you can
actually start getting paid money just for scanning your receipts super cool
now this is not the way that I make money guys I stay at home I quit my job
going out two and a half to three years ago I used to work in a dusty old
warehouse where I live big 50-pound boxes of chocolate from Hershey’s
chocolate you take those load them to the back of 18-wheelers that got shipped
from a distribution center here in Acworth Georgia I don’t do that anymore
of course that’s what I used to do and then I kind of transition some cell
phone repair stuff and then from there I also started doing affiliate marketing
now when I first got started a couple years back I did like Amazon affiliate
Marketing of Aliexpress eBay things like that the problem was you would get very
little pennies like I would sell something that would be say like 10
bucks right and the way I do that is I make youtube videos and I also have a
blog if you guys are curious how do you set up the YouTube channel the blog how
to do it correctly how to actually advertise things like that that’s part
of that $7 training that I was talking about at the beginning of the video it’s
gonna walk you through how to be a high ticket affiliate marker I switched from
low ticket to high ticket when I was at a low ticket affiliate marker I was only
making about 30 or 40 grand per year and that’s eventually I made about 40 the
mid 40s whenever I was actually working at that warehouse full time 40 50 hours
per week and then when I got to about that 40 thousand mark range that’s when
I quit my job which was nice but I was still doing those little bitty tiny
affiliate commissions right so I was getting like 20 cents a dollar three
dollars two dollars and then I was okay I want how do i how do I break through
the ceiling I was just stuck every single month with making that three to
four thousand dollars per month and then that’s what I decided alright somehow I
ran across high ticket affiliate marketing when I did that then of course
I’m with everything I like for someone to show me step by step and walk me
through how to do something so that way I know I’m doing correctly from people
about me from a mentor you need a mentor so what I did is I actually found a
course that was providing the information that I needed and then I
took it and then that was you know now I’m making over $10,000 per month so it
shot up my income over $6,000 per month because of high ticket affiliate
marketing because you don’t need a lot like with a high ticket for the
marketing if you’re selling something where you’re getting like a thousand or
$2,500 Commission you only need two or three people to purchase for an entire
month that’s it and that is a full-time hit come by itself but that is what
pushed me over that ten ten thousand dollar per month mark so if you guys are
interested in learning about hot ticket affiliate marketing it take the seven
dollar course I promise you it’s worth everything it’s it’s really really good
you’re also actually gonna get like a free coaching call with like a business
plan advisor that can see hey where you’re at and answer any questions you
may have after you’ve gone through like the first three days of training then on
day four you can actually talk to someone on the phone
not so for seven bucks you get to talk someone on the phone and they are going
to you know see where you’re at walk you through you know what you kind
of need to do answer any questions you have things like that but it’s great
that’s for seven dollars you’re not gonna get that anywhere else on the
Internet so go check that out it’s in a link the
description below you’re gonna click on the link it’s gonna take you to a place
to put in your email you put in your email and watch a little short video and
then you be able to sign up for the seven bucks it’s amazing worth it
hopefully you guys enjoyed this video use one of these if you don’t have the 7
bucks for that awesome training course I promise you you use one of these get
that 7 bucks go by you won’t regret it hopefully you guys enjoyed this we’ll
see you guys tomorrow


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