Hero: 108 – Monster Castle

many years ago animals and humans live together in joyful harmony but then a wicked trickster called high roller pull the animals into thinking humans were their enemies chaos reigned until an army of Heroes came together to protect the humans and end the war Clint ruff dopey Ghost Face mystique shown a mighty race this is heroes 108 I didn't know better I think when masters doesn't like us their tactics are certainly getting more aggressive stall stay focused jumpy jumpy not at the time for daydreaming jumpy get your head in this battle great jumpy watch out miss leak Sonia mr. no hands cover us my dear a I need the most powerful eyeball lightning blast you have yeah ow chubby no hmm no visible signs of injury from his brush with twin masters how do you feel jumpy tired here you jumpy Oh beat – sweet dreams cuddly bunny it's been a long day we should all turn in for the night with commander ape truly in the rest of the animal kingdom err solstice big green should be nice and quiet Shh I sense an intruder within Big Green are you sure I didn't hear anything it's just me banana brain this is a beauty treatment huh I thought I heard something you guys are sleepwalking no way anyone could bring still think we're dreaming it slice now right later is it just me or has this furball gotten stronger since this afternoon all security systems are operational no malfunctions of any car and yet no alarm sounded upon bear stomps entry curious we need a thorough search of the premises to ensure bear stops invasion was isolated jumpy I want you to get some rest that is an order so much for all puppies being cute what is that thing got me we were never formally introduced you guys know each other jumpy how do you know that thing shall be dream time mapping look and your stop are you saying your dreams came to life how is that even possible I have some theories I am coming here what could be happening perhaps the key was jumpies encounter with twin masters chaotic energy he combines with jumpy's wild imagination and then say hello to super bear stop a tribe of a that would explain why big green security failed to activate but jump he's awake now dream stop when you wake up they'll take evidently jumpies do not I suspect the chaotic energy forms the dream monster so it remains real until the power that created it is dissipated hippies imagination on the loose we're in big trouble shall be sorry dreams bad it's not your fault jumpy who will find a solution huh you can count on me if those mutts escape big green innocent animals and humans would be in grave danger agreed mister no hands please assist woo the rest of us will search for the tribe puppy it is imperative that jumping not be allowed to fall asleep until a solution can be discovered no problem who's gonna fall asleep with me around big trouble try poochy poochy poochy oh don't do that don't you know yawning is contagious huh nothing who oh that was close you almost fell asleep friend of yours what come up with a way to defeat the three monsters but you will need to get them up to my them make moosie ghost boost slice us my near a doesn't run away from anything gotta love being like beat you let him fall asleep it was just for a second just lure them between the dissipators posts to release the chaotic energy they don't want to be dissipated everybody better dream up something fast or we're the ones that are gonna be dissipated cannot contain much longer hi you created these monsters at least you can stay awake to help defeat him maybe he is helping I am afraid that to be safe oh the dream creatures chaotic energies must be dissipated I'm sorry giant jumpy had to go I I'm just glad this whole nightmare is over you

27 thoughts on “Hero: 108 – Monster Castle

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  2. I believe the correct term for a Tri-Puppy is a Cerberus, a greek mythological creature that is the guard dog of the underworld.

  3. Ahh I remember watching this when I was 5 years old Mighty Ray was my favorite of first squad. I'm 13 now and he's still my favorite ah where did the years go.

  4. I'm so sad this is it they need 2 make season 3 they can't leave it like that it's like a move with a crap ending ( hero108 is not crap I just want more of it!) I LOVE YOU HERO 108 I LOVE YOU SPARKY.B AND SPARKY.Y IS THIS GOOD BYE?! 😐😑😒😓😔😕😖😞😟😠😡😢😣😤😥😫😰😱😲😵😶😾😿🙀🙍

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