50 thoughts on “Hermitcraft 6: Episode 67 – EVIL Island, CODING!

  1. Whenever the elytra doesn't activate and it just does the little zoomy in and out thing, I just imagine the character is doing a chicken neck thing.

  2. Oh my goodness mumbo your elytra aren’t activating because you‘re holding food so it’s trying to use fish as wings and you’re eating your elytra so they have holes in and won’t fly

  3. I totally stole this and I’m probably gonna be to lazy, but just to get likes I’ll say I will add a 🤨 for every like


  4. Who else thought it was hilarious at 2:57 when the slimes were chasing Mumbo?

  5. Mumbo's Sex Island of Doom is where he traps dudes in an inescapable secured cage in complete darkness and makes them fuck, somehow creating a baby that he then sends through a pipeline to work in his sweatshop creating goods for him and his sick friends to enjoy.
    9/10 needs more child labor

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