41 thoughts on “Half in the Bag Episode 149: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

  1. Nosedive chick? I refuse to ever watch 99% of ANY of these michael bay cgi reboot style disgraces to humanity so i didn't know.

  2. Reminds me of Seth Macfraudlan's A Million Ways To Die In The West. Visually amazing vehicle for a donkey shit script.

  3. I loved the Alternate Canadian Universe version of Half In The Byag! Very David Lynchian with Canadian Rich creepily peeking out from the background.

  4. Oh my God that intro was fucking killing me, Mike was flawlessly acting and talking like an ignorant content creator noob. "Smash that Like button!"

  5. Millitarizing dinosaurs just doesn't make sense when you've got predator drones, tanks, nuclear bombs and chemical weapons… Pointing a gun at a man to make a 30 million dollar dinosaur attack him makes no fucking sense. I just watched this shit heap of a film and haven't been so annoyed by something since the new Ghostbusters. Terminator genisis was a hard one to watch too

  6. If I wanted to see two idiots acts drunk I could've just watched Drunk History. At least I would learn something instead of rotting my brain listening to these biased dumbasses trying to ruin a good movie.

  7. Well for me, personally, I think Jurassic Park 5: Jurassic World part 2: Fallen Kingdom is very cool.

    Very cool.

  8. Hot take: Jay's blank stare into the camera has more inpact than Mike's because he has to physically turn his upper body aswell to archive it.

  9. That intro is the content we deserve, for free, but Half in the Bag has such an amount of polish, miles ahead of any movie-related content, anywhere on television or on the internet. Thank you for doing what you do guys.

  10. Oh I forgot about the trailer for this movie the dinosaur sneaking into the girls room is a symbol for an elite pedophile demon infested ancient.. I haven't seen the film to see all the other horrific symbolism

  11. The joy of watching them review the first one and then this. Mike’s joy turned to ash and Jay’s cynicism is validated. Fricking. Gold.

  12. You sons of bitches giving me conniptions thinking about all the old shit I watched on the internet a decade ago

  13. Jurassic Park 5: They try to create a super soldier from mixing velociraptor and human DNA and what comes out is….. JaJar Binks!

  14. When the raptor winked to the camera, I stood up and said, “Done.” And then I went in the next room to watch A Wrinkle In Time

  15. Did they actually get backlash for mansplaining in Jurassic World? I thought the problem was that because the indominus was a female, that all of the military men attacking her glorified domestic abuse? Or that Blue being a pansexual foxkin and not being allowed to wear her FurFace was oppression?

  16. lmfao at the end, if you speed it up a bit you can tell the creepy ambience track is just a slowed down fart noise

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