HACC Honors Program

[music fades in]
>>I decided to join the HACC Honors Program because I felt it was an appropriate
challenge for me as a student.>>It challenges you to think where it’s beyond regurgitation and just memorizing all this information and passing a test.>>There’s so much more
interaction in honors classes. They ask questions.
They don’t just write notes and expect to have to know the answers for the quiz or the test or a paper,
but they want to know the whys.>>Oh we had a lot of discussions in the class.>>The level of conversation is
more intellectually challenging.>>I have to say that the thing I enjoy the most is
the small, tight-knit classes that we have. It’s really just I guess a sense of community
that I enjoy the most about it.>>I love the diversity of the students.>>The thing I like about the Honors Program
as well is this the class sizes.>>Each student had a good chance to ask questions and be heard by the professor.>>And so because of that, it fosters a little bit easier professor to student contact.>>That a professor can establish real
relationships with the students.>>The number one thing that I have enjoyed the most about the program is the professors are just perfect.>>They have a desire to make a difference and I know for me they made a huge difference in my life.>>They want to help the students,
they want to see them succeed. They enjoy what they’re doing.>>They just are everything you’d want a professor to be. They are really dedicated to what their mission is.>>So shout out to my Honors Program professors,
I love you!>>HACC is uniquely yours.>>Proudly yours.>>Academically yours. [music fades out]

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