Grow Your Subscription App Business with Google Play

has a direct-to-consumer subscription
offering, and the goal was to give access
to our audience wherever they are,
whenever they want it. When we really wanted
to innovate and push the boundaries on our
subscription service, we launched in-app
subscriptions for Google Play, and we saw a pop immediately
of about three to four times the conversion rate by
working with the Google team. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELIE HABIB: When
we started Anghami, we said we want to have a music
service which is convenient, and all the music available. In the Middle East,
it was a region which was totally forgotten. There was no really
good alternative. So you have to pirate or pirate. I mean, there was nothing else. And if we actually
could succeed, we’d be pirating the pirates. For us, Google Play is the core. We have over 81% of our
users today on Android. Our growth strategy
goes around engaging Android users to use the app
more so they can subscribe. AHCENE AMROUZ: I think
that Google Play, the main [INAUDIBLE] helped
the increase of subscription conversion rates on [INAUDIBLE]. And we think that the main
explanation is the better user experience. Android has become
the main source for downloads for a [INAUDIBLE]. Also, we see on
subscription conversion an increase of 6% on Android
compared to other platforms. KONRADIN BREYER: Freeletics
started with the vision to make everyone the greatest
version of themselves. And the way we do this is we’re
trying to motivate and guide them in a variety
of apps to reach their physical and mental goals. The reason why subscriptions
make a lot of sense for us is not only from an
economic point of view, but also because we want to
develop people in the long run. We want to have a repeated
impact upon their life. [MUSIC PLAYING] SCOTT LEVINE: Working
with Google Play and figuring out how to launch
a successful subscription product, it’s been great. And that kind of
partnership is really what we saw that
led to the success. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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