Grouping Browser Tabs into a Tab Stack

Vivaldi lets you cut down the clutter and organise your tabs into groups called Tab Stacks. To create a new Stack, simply click and drag a tab on top of another tab, hold it until the tab below becomes dark and drop it in. That’s all there is to it! To ungroup your tabs, right click on a Tab
Stack and select ‘Ungroup Tab Stack’. Thanks for watching. Find out more by visiting

21 thoughts on “Grouping Browser Tabs into a Tab Stack

  1. Ηι, You know how I open in new tab, a selected word or phrase, sliding the mouse to the new tab icon?
    Because I have not yet found this feature.
    I mean like, "Open New Tabs by Dragging Links and Text to Vivaldi's Tab Bar"

  2. Have you guys checked out Microsoft Edge's way of saving tabs to read later? I think its the best implementation of it of any browser so far

  3. The fact that you guys use The Verge as an example makes me not want to use the browser. What kind of actual tech person reads The Verge?

  4. This is a pretty cool feature, but it would be awesome if you could manage tabs similar to the (soon to be unsupported) Tab Groups in Firefox. I like being able to click a button and see an at-a-glance view of all my tabs in their respective groups.

  5. VERY truthfully, I think the three people who prefer this waste of time over SIMPLE "ONE click" pinned tabs IS the "team"! Just the description was tedious when compared to the explanation of pinned tabs. To create a pinned tab, simply go to one of the sites you use most frequently and BINGO you have a tab, now put your cursor on that tab and "right "click it now scroll down to "pin tab" and click it! On EVERY browser on the planet, (including Vivaldi BEFORE this crappy tab stacking) when you closed down the browser then the computer for the night, you could come back the next day and NO cluttered tab area, just your favorite start page/home page and your FAVORITE sites in NEAT little PINNED tabs behind it, like MAGIC! ONE (1) click on ANY of those tabs and BANG you are there! It's a miracle! So now they want you to believe that two or three clicks later tab stacking is MORE efficient and takes less resources to display? The fuzzy math of that just doesn't cut it for me or anyone else "I'VE" discussed this with. I can have 14 PINNED tabs come up every time I open the browser and ALL are ONE click away for me, every single day on OTHER browsers. With Vivaldi, the menu is SO confusing (though extensive, perhaps to the point of confusing and contradicting points) as to make one wonder exactly what THEY think the setting "Do NOT close pinned tabs at shut down" means. I would surely like other normal every day users of computers to tell me what they think it means right here, because"I" am obviously crazy in thinking it means "NOT" to close the tabs I've pinned at shut down. Because EVERY time I open the browser, they are either un-pinned or totally GONE! Also, If I have the pages I always use start at start up ( yet another redundant way of having it do what I can get anywhere else by a pinned tab, they ALWAYS come back on FULLY opened and out of order from how I put them in! On Firefox For WELL over a decade I have had (and STILL do) the SAME tabs pinned in the SAME location! If I wanted to, I could navigate ALL of my pinned tabs BLINDFOLDED!
    Why is this important? Well, why is having a computer keyboard set up in the same way for your country? EFFICIENCY, and muscle memory HELPS efficiency! Anyone doing the stacked tabs thing, you TRY pinned tabs. Do it for two weeks to form a habit THEN go back to your stacked tabs and tell me which one saves you time and clicks and which you could find easier. the answer will be apparent to you immediately.

  6. Why the fuck would I use this when Tree Style Tabs exists? Why the fuck is Tree Style Tabs not the default in every browser? I am angry at the world.

  7. About an hour ago, I watched a video (made by TechGumbo) about 10 alternative browsers, and the last one he showed was Vivaldi. I was struck primarily by the look, the layout, of the browser. So I installed it and tried it out. It is a really good browser! It's fast and clever and has a ton of features. I think I will be using it instead of Firefox or Chrome. I used Firefox for ages, until it updated itself to such sluggish performance that it was a joke. And Chrome is very static – you have very few things to change about it, and also it's made by Google which is like having a camera right in your face. Anyway, thanks for making such a great browser!

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