100 thoughts on “Gordon And Jack Ramsay Hunt For A Burmese Python | Season 1 Ep. 8 | THE F WORD

  1. Man, I absolutely love and appreciate that Gordon actually goes out and experiences what it's like to harvest the meat from these animals. I also love and appreciate that he's making videos out of it and they're getting millions of views.

    A lot of people in cities and suburban areas have been cut off from experiencing how meat is obtained, which has caused many of them to become oversensitive towards animals, and humanizing them in their minds. Nothing keeps you more humbled and grounded with nature than going out and harvesting your own food.

  2. Wow, I was sure what I was watching, but it was great seeing you guys catched, killed, cooked, and ate a python in one go.

  3. I like how Gordon Ramsey cooks animals every single, but as soon as he kills one he is a bad person, evil, and not caring😂😂

  4. They should've seen how the Philippines cook and eat snakes (Python) we stew them or sometimes use as a substitute pork or beef in adobo

  5. "But, in the wild, the pythons are ten time that size."


    6 × 10 = 60ft


  6. this is why I like Gordan Ramsay because he's one of the top chefs and he still goes out and does crazy cool stuff like this.

  7. Says the one at the beginning is a 6 footer. Then proceeds to say ones in the wild are 10× that size. Me trying to do the math confused

  8. Jesus Ramsay will kill and eat anything, next up he's gonna hunt and cook the bloody kraken

    This is why I love Gordon Ramsay

  9. Having a driven father means his son might develop social awkward symptoms. If manhood has been throwin in his face to early…

  10. I was watching this with my friend who owns a Python(I believe it's a carpet python but still). She went and took it out of it's tank to apologise after watching.

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