Google’s New Messaging App: Android Chat Explained! #BoilerUpdates

What is up guys? Welcome to a fresh episode of BoilerUpdates
and today there is a good news for Android users. Do you know that People Still send some
8 trillion texts a year. yes you heard it right, in this modern era
of Facebook, Whatsapp some people still use SMS. For these people, we have a great news today. Watch the video till the end. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and
press the bell icon that will keep you updated with the latest tech news. Google is planning to upgrade the whole deafualt
messegeing app that was being used for years. Google is building Chat, a texting experience
that will replace traditional SMS on Android devices. If You and your contact are rocking Android
phones with carriers that support RCS, you’ll enjoy a bunch of modern messaging features
when you text them, such as typing indicators, full-resolution
images and video, and even group chats. You’ll be charged for the data consumed
in sending your message, instead of what it’d cost on your plan to send an SMS. Well, it is very similar to Apple Imessage. But one difference here is that Google Chat
is not encrypted like iMesseges. Google managed to partner with some 50+ carriers
worldwide and numerous hardware makers to garner support for RCS and make this possible. Microsoft also supports RCS, so it’s possible
that we’ll be able to link our phones to our desktops and text people from Windows
10 machines too. Well, this can be a great news for people
getting into smartphones or those who still uses SMS. Share this video with your friends who still
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9 thoughts on “Google’s New Messaging App: Android Chat Explained! #BoilerUpdates

  1. If you use WhatsApp often, take a look at Timely Cleaner. It allows you to quickly and easily delete the unwanted files you receive. You can even automatically move the files you want to any folder. Its got over 10,000 downloads so far.

  2. Nice video! But here's something to do even better, try getting a better microphone for better sound quality ☺️

  3. So I read Google got some company's to sign on like Samsung. But are they trying to get apple to sign on to replace imessage as well? I really hope so. Only know a few people that own droid. Rest ios.

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