Google Visiting Faculty Program

Johnson: Google’s
Visiting Faculty Program provides faculty with the
opportunity to come to Google and work on a project
that’s in their specialization. Subramanya: We have
these faculty members coming in who are experts
in these areas, and it’s a very nice infusion
of fresh ideas and fresh thoughts to the problems that
we’ve been working on. Agrawal: A machine’s scale of
data has changed significantly and many of these things are
not available in academia. So coming to Google
and being able to work with
large infrastructures, large amount of data,
is very fulfilling. Dogruoz: I always heard
about launching a product or launching, um, a future. That was a very proud moment
for the whole team, to see that
what we were working on actually makes impact
on a product and it influences
millions of people. Patterson: You know, we have
a producer-consumer relationship, right. We’re producing great students that companies like Google
want to hire. Google’s got really interesting
problems to work on that gives us
interesting challenges. So we–we have a very
synergistic relationship. Andersen: Couple of
conversations that just made me say, “I can’t believe you are
that far ahead of where I thought
you would be.” And I don’t think that
those moments happen very often, but I’ve had one or two, and they completed justified
my faith. Subramanian: Similar to
grad school, in the sense that the focus is so much
on learning. Learning occurs everywhere
at all levels. I mean, I’ve just been
exposed to areas that I didn’t know existed. Andersen: And it is
a very different perspective, particularly for
a faculty member who’s never been in industry
or developing at scale. Subramanya: You can collaborate
with other professors at other universities
even without doing a sabbatical. The only way you can work
with industry closely is by actually
coming to industry and spending an extended period
of time here. Johnson: And when
an academic researcher works in that type of
environment, it really raises
their sensitivity, you know? In terms of the types of
research problems and questions that they can ask
and that they can take forward after their experience
at Google.

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  1. Hi, "University Relations". Thanks for the Video. May I ask what are the different responsibilities of "University Relations" at Google?

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