Google Chrome: A Fast Browser for Mac, Linux, and PC

You know how great getting a
new computer feels, right? It’s fast, light,
[UNINTELLIGIBLE] quickly. It just moves. You click and you’re there. Instant gratification. Well, this is kind of
like that, only without getting a new computer. It’s Chrome by Google. A browser for Mac,
Linux, and PC.

100 thoughts on “Google Chrome: A Fast Browser for Mac, Linux, and PC

  1. It fails at java programs. it loves to crash when running it. In all this browser fails bad. its a memory hog to. cant get add ons.

  2. My friends always install this onto the computers. The laptops have a weird thing where whenever you turn them off everything resets. So you could get a virus and it would be unnaffected. Pretty cool.

  3. FLOCK ALL DAY! GC is okay. Firefox is alright. Opera is ok. Safari – fucking hate that it automatically opens a new window and not a tab.

  4. Firefox is much better. Everyone is all "You can get themes! It's faster!" You can get themes on Firefox. You can make your own… And it's not slow, so I don't know what you people are complaining about.I refuse to download Chrome, and I hate Internet Explorer. I've only used Safari on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

  5. i hate how it runs every extension as a separate process
    its fucking retarded and if you use more then 5 extensions its going to end up being slower then firefox anyway because of that. so whats the point of using it?

  6. @ohlookitskyle well ive never had my browser crash because of an extension in firefox and im sure that an extension would never crash in chrome either
    its a fucking retarded feature that slows shit down. if i want to have my bookmarks easily available via a small button i need to run an extra process that takes 15-30 mb and some cpu power. its fucking bullshit.

  7. Oh man, my computer was so damn slow… the ads made everything worse, the internet would crash and then not let me close the window… it was horrible. So then I decided to download Chrome. I was so excited… finally, no more slowness. And right when it finished, a message came up telling me that I already have Chrome.

    Thanks, life, I owe you one.

  8. did they mention google was hacked a while ago? plus this shit gave me viruses and wiped out my cpu. THX ALOT GOOGLE >:(

  9. @MikoDude747 Google was hacked from a machine that was running Internet Explorer 6, not Chrome. As far as giving you viruses chrome is one of the most secure browsers out there and won't "give you viruses" any more than another browser. If you are stupid enough to download and run a random .exe file after they give you a warning that executable files can cause damage to your system it's your own damn fault.

  10. @Luffy327
    You obviously don't understand the anology behind it. Nor that the majority of this earth doesn't know how to 'set up' a computer.
    Most people know "my computer is old. it's slow. wow, new one. it's quick."

    That is what they are appealing to. It's petty to get annoyed at such an ad.

  11. Not really, i had it on vista and every few seconds "Woops! Chrome has Crashed!!" yeah, chrome fa yeah, chrome failsils

  12. It's not a random mix it's a real song.

    It's called "Build Voice" by Dan Deacon off his album Bromst. Great album by the way.

  13. Chrome for Mac works great so far. Very fast and stable. Still a beta, so quirky on some web sites, but that's getting better with every update.

    After a recent update, it took about 30 seconds for my iMac to sleep, but I quit a "helper" function in the Activity Monitor which fixed the sleep delay and doesn't seem to have harmed anything else.

    One feature I like is that the address bar is also the search bar, so whatever you put in brings up either your choice of websites or other information.

  14. I'm a Firefox user but I figured why not give it a try? Used Chrome for just a couple of hours (and was not particularly impressed by it), did not visit any sites that I don't regularly visit with Firefox anyway, and the next time I ran Spybot S&D it picked up 15 tracking cookies… all of which were picked up while using Chrome… I think I'll stick with Firefox >.>

  15. ok i know that speed has nothing to do with the browser. but with the computer.

    What computer would have that speed. how much would it be?

  16. chrome is the FASTEST browser ever, althought the mac version isn't that good get, that's why im using webkit (an updated safari).
    you know im surprised that everyone likes firefox, or even opera more than chrome and im even more surprised that noone ever mentions safari. im not sure about windows safari, but the mac safari is THE best browser there is, and it's both fast and user-friendly and it has some great features that speed up your browsing that other browsers don't have.

  17. @jorgebarbajr it's faster and more user friendly. You can use a feature to browse without cookies and sessions. it has automatic spell-checker.

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  19. No thanks, Google, I prefer web browsers with features rather than overhyped differences in loading HTML/CSS-only pages that rank in the dozens of milliseconds. Supporting a browser that isn't run by a monopolistic corporation that doesn't respect my privacy feels good too.

  20. Chrome for Ubuntu is pretty lame. Update issues. I'll stick with firefox and my favorite add-ons. I think Google controls enough as it is.

  21. 1. copy and paste
    2. send this to 2 other videos.
    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds.
    4. press refresh twice.
    3. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS 2 days ago

  22. Yu gotta admit thats pretty fast. But really? my GoldNet goes faster than that, goldnet is instant! And you get to watch free Tv, and play free games. this doesnt even compare. If anyone wants it, its free. Just send me a message saying u want it, and ill send u da link.

  23. @RyanR3volution Haha yea it shall be interesting to see how this develops. They are "suggestions" now, in a few years its Forced by skynet ;D and everyone has a chip developed by Google and made by M$ implanted in the brain-stem. I hope SRWare will be further developed, it had a few things missing that was bugging me. Other than that i liked it a bunch, very, very fast.

  24. opera 10.6 is the TITS nuff said. it beats the hell out of the the old opera and firefox is shit and chrome is well shit with trackers

  25. @generko Yep but Microsoft and Apple are retards that like to insist there's a difference between a personal computer and a Mac. And of course Linux runs on just about everything, Mac or not.

  26. Mac, Linux, and Windows… PC can run both Windows and Linux, Mac can run Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. So, more accurately should be Mac OS, GNU/Linux, and Windows

  27. @theif519 Except that some PC's can run OS X too….

    Basicly it should read "Google Chrome: A Fast Browser for your computer"

  28. @thedarkone2134 It's illegal and there's a possibility that it won't work or you could mess up. Hackintosh computers normally have problems.

  29. @dodgydogman Hackintosh is illegal and most of the times it won't work on your machine unless you have certain hardware.

  30. @xxspdxx95 I'd argue that they're almost surely better in every significant way, but that remains up for debate. Why do you think they 'suck'?

  31. At 0:20 where the tabs get closed out, for the second there at first sight I thought the word "FLICKER" says… well you get my point.

  32. the problem on google chrome was you manual delete the data on chrome://settings/clearBrowserData that is the reason they claim the google chrome was the fastest internet browser cause all the site you open was stored even your password, your identify etc. if you save if on google Chrome. And its prone to the hackers.

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