Goo Goo Gaga & Magic Mirror! (Kids Shop at Store and Play at Playground)

(child yells) (child cheers) – [Child] Goo goo colors! Goo goo colors. (8-bit music)
– Oh yeah, oh yeah. (smooth music) (doorbell rings) – (gasps) Huh? Who’s that? – Let’s go see! Hey, what is this for? – Oh yeah, oh yeah! – (gasps) Cole! Yeah! (child yelling) – [Both] Woo-hoo! – That was cool! – Yeah, let’s go somewhere else! ♪ Where should we go to ♪ – Aha, I have an idea! Cannonball! – Here I come! (whimsical music) – Cool Legos! – Whoa, these are cool toys! – That was awesome sauce! – Follow me! Cannonball! – Oh, yeah, baby! (child yells) (child cheers) – Whee! (whimsical music) Whee! Whee! (giggles) Whee!

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