Gifting iTunes Movies, Music and More (#1517)

So with the holidays coming you may find that
you want to buy music or movies for friends and family as gifts. Now in the past that meant buying CDs for
music and DVDs for movies. But a lot of people today want things digitally. First of all for movies you get higher definition. DVDs are still old standard definition. So you may want to get the iTunes version
of the movie or you can watch it on your Apple TV, your iPad, your Mac, your iPhone. The same for music. You may want to add to your iTunes collection
rather than getting a physical CD. Fortunately this is pretty easy. You can do this in iTunes. For instance let’s go and say we want to buy
a movie for somebody as a gift. So we’ll switch, in the iTunes store to movies,
and we’ll see what’s here. So let’s look at Spiderman. Spiderman is available to buy for twenty bucks
and I can buy it for myself, very easily, by clicking here. But I can also click here and I can Gift this
movie. Now it prompts you to enter an email address
for the person you want to send the gift to. You’ll want to use their iTunes email address
so if they have multiple ones find out which one that is although I believe if they get
it to another email address they can redeem it anyway. It’s just like giving a gift card. Then you can fill in your name in Sender. So you can use whatever you want for your
name there and you can provide a message. So you can tell them why you’re getting them
this movie and happy holidays and all that kind of thing. You can select to send it Now or select a
certain date. So you can set these things up now to send
for the holidays, to send for birthdays, for whenever it is that you want or even just
send it, you know, on the weekend or a weekday if they check their email more often then. So you can set this all up. If you want to know more there’s a little
Learn More About Gifting button here which gives you links to other things that you can
do like sending gift cards. Now notice here you can gift all sorts of
things. So you can gift not only movies but you can
do music, of course. You can select an album and gift that. You can also do apps and books as well. So a wide variety of gifts for those that
prefer digital gifts rather than collecting more physical items.

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