Giant Python Is The Longest Pet In The UK

PETE: Lilly is a reticulated python, she’s about 17 foot long. PETE: She’s grown to this side over a period of six years, and has been fed moderately
on jumbo rabbits every three weeks. PETE: Chloe’s handled this snake on a regular basis, 17 foot snake, if it’s not used to
being handled, it’s got potential to inflict serious injury on her. CHLOE: Some of my friends when they first saw it, they were a little bit shocked at
her size because she’s a bit bigger than a corn snake, but when I got her out and showed
her to my friends they didn’t mind her in the end. PETE: Snakes just carry on growing, they older they get, the bigger they get. So certainly
she should get 20 foot plus over the next three or four years.

48 thoughts on “Giant Python Is The Longest Pet In The UK

  1. that's NOT a 17ft snake, more like 12ft-14ft (at best). and there's 20+ snakes in the UK she's far from the longest. nice snake but please don't over-guess her size.

  2. People keep 100lb dogs that kill hundreds of children every year.

    Thousands of people are mauled every year by dogs.

    I would take a bit from a 15' Burmese over a rottie bite any day.

    How many pet snakes kill children every year?

    Now granted there's hundreds of millions of pet dogs and probably only hundreds of thousands of people with full grown large constrictors, but they likely know the dangers and responsibly handle them,

  3. No it doesn't, it says, "Welcome to the Rice family household — the home of what could be the UK's longest pet." That's a DIRECT quote from the description. The title of the video is, "Giant Python Is The Longest Pet In The UK". So yes, I can read. The question is, can you?

  4. Nice snake Peter. I think your the same Peter Rice that sells Retics as well cos I was gonna buy one off you recently.

  5. this snake and all non venom snakes with socialising are this pure sweet gentle amazing creatures omg is so adorable . enjoying outside sun and stretch and good company . people still have lots to learn how amazing this animals are . great video

  6. Is that guys 6ft it’s clear that the snake is no where near 17foot, more around the 14foot region..great exaggeration for the gullible funny papers

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