Getting Started with the AdWords App – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

ERICA: Hi, everyone. I’m Erica from the
Google AdWords team, and this is AdWords
in Under Five Minutes. This video will show you how
to use the AdWords app which is now available for
both Android and iOS, so you can stay on
top of your campaigns when you’re on the go. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] The AdWords app is a companion
app to the desktop version of AdWords. So you can conveniently view
your campaign performance data, make changes to your account,
and monitor the billing activity for your account,
all from your smartphone, and keep in mind that the app is
available for manager accounts as well. To download the
app, you can visit the Google Play
Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Swipe right to view
the navigation bar, to view campaigns, find
opportunities to improve your performance, monitor
your billing activity, visit your account settings, and
access help center resources. First, let’s explore how to view
your most important campaign performance data. Visit the Home section to
view overall performance data and select different
performance metrics to view the data over time. Swipe left to view
more columns of data beyond impressions, clicks,
and click-through rate. Tap the pencil icon in
the right hand corner to change the date range. Just like the
desktop version, you can view performance data at
the campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword level. From the Home
screen, scroll down and tap either Campaigns,
Ad Group, Keywords, or Ads to view more detailed
performance data. Once you tap on
the campaign name, you’ll see basic information,
like the daily budget and status and, of
course, performance data, like impressions and clicks. At any level, tap the icon
with the three vertical bars, and customize columns
to make sure you’re viewing the performance
data you care most about. Add and remove columns
by toggling the circle on the right, and reorder
columns to conveniently view key metrics by pressing
the horizontal bars and moving the metric
to its desired order. In addition to conveniently
viewing campaign performance data, you can also take
a number of actions within the AdWords app. Like pausing or enabling a
campaign when a promotion is about to start, changing
your daily budget to allocate more
resources for campaigns that are working well,
or adjusting your bids for ad groups or
keywords that are driving high-quality potential
customers to your site. Let’s walk through how to
make these changes in the app. To change a campaign
status, swipe right to view the navigation bar,
select Campaigns, and then select the campaign you’d like
to either pause or enable. In the top box, select Edit
next to the campaign status, and toggle the circle towards
the desired campaign status. Also from this section, you
can tap the current budget and enter the desired amount. Then, be sure to tap Save in
the upper right hand corner. To adjust your bids, perhaps
based on recommendations from the Opportunities
section, tap the back arrow to return to the
main campaign screen. To set the bid at
the add group level, tap the name of the ad group. Similarly, select
Edit in the top box, and tap the current
maximum cost per click. Enter the amount
desired, and tap Save in the upper right hand corner. If you’d like to adjust your
bids at the keyword level, swipe down and select Keywords,
and follow the same steps. And lastly, you can quickly
monitor your AdWords billing activity using the app. Once again, swipe right to
view the navigation bar, and select Billing
from the menu. From here, you can view your
transaction history and payment method. Swipe left to view your billing
settings and make changes, like adding a new
payment method. Also in this section,
you can swipe left to view your
billing profile or manage your
promotional codes. With just a few taps and
swipes, you can conveniently view your campaign performance
data, make a number of changes to your account, and monitor
your billing activity, all from the AdWords app. To view more detailed
information about the app, check out this great resource,
and to download the app, check out these links to
the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel, and if you have
any questions, you can post them in the
comments section below. If you have further
questions, you can find us on social media,
discuss this in the AdWords community, chat to
an online specialist, or pick up the phone
and give us a call. Thanks for tuning in,
and have a great day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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