Get the Most from DNS-323 with iTunes Server

The major problem with iTunes is
that you have several different computers with individual music libraries. The way to solve this is with
D-Links DNS-323 with iTunes server enabled. If you haven’t already, watch our
other video “Getting Started with the DNS-323” But before you begin be sure to
have the most up to date version of iTunes. First we’re going to copy our music
library to the DNS-323. We do this by going to the music
folder and selecting all of the music. You can easily do this by hitting
control-a and then dragging the folders to the DNS-323 under the network folder. We are putting the music in
the main folder, Volume 1. But you can put them anywhere,
just remember where you put them. After the files have finished
copying over, you need to configure the DNS-323 to enable the iTunes server. First log into the DNS-323 web user
interface with your username and password. First, click on the Advanced tab and
iTunes server on the left hand navigation. Select “Enable”. Since we dropped our
music in the main folder on the DNS-323 we’ll leave it at the root folder. Be sure to save the settings. After a few seconds the DNS-323 will refresh and then click on finish. You can log out of the
DNS-323 web user interface. Now we can open up iTunes and you’ll
see the shared library from the DNS-323 on the left side bar of iTunes. Click on the Shared Library to view or
listen to your music over your home network from the DNS-323. That’s it!

6 thoughts on “Get the Most from DNS-323 with iTunes Server

  1. You should address the issue of incompatibility with itunes 10. This came up before the video was posted.

  2. will itunes server works with apple tv? mainly for videos

    i wish apple tv have DLNA because i have dlna server but itunes server is new to me.

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