GET FREE 500 LOAD and 1GB MOBILE DATA! (Dent Mobile App)

hello! and this is Aiza Mercado and were back again with another application where we can get free load and free MB (mobile data) alright! so stay tuned coz i will teach and share you this new app and its trending now! do you want to earn extra money online? just click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and the bell as well to get notified for my next video where we can earn money online alright! and this application is called “DENT” you can check out my video description the link and where to register and take note, after you click the link… you will be directed to download the application and it is available at IOS and ANDROID phone this is a new app where we can get free load and free mobile data ok, here in DENT app you can use your crypto currency to purchase load (credits) so here in the upper right corner… you can see here… then click this “BUY DENTS” you can top up or purchase load via Paypal, Bitcoin, Etherium, BNB coins (Binance) so here, you can see all the deals when you click this top up 3,054 dents coins you will pay $3.99 via Paypal here in 6,467 dents its like $7.99 16,705 dents you will pay $19.99 and if its 42,299 dents you will pay $49.99 you can also use bitcoin to purchase you can check the amount of bitcoin you have to pay it indicates here that you can purchase loads (credits) using bitcoins also Etherium you can also use BNB coin (binance) to purchase dents thats how easy we can purchase dent points using different methods so we can use it for loading our mobile networks alright, so here… just scroll it down you can see here the list of FREE mobile data we have here Globe 1GB, requires 1710 dent points Smart 800mb, requires 1620 dent points and Smart Bro, requires 1620 dent points so for now… here in mobile data, we can only purchase two networks, which is Globe and Smart then here in recharge your prepaid… here is our FREE LOAD just scroll it down, coz as you can see, even other countries can use this application you can get 50 load from cherry mobile also globe, smart, smart broadband, sun and TNT here are the points requirements and and once you clicked it, you can get a free load one way to get free load is just by inviting invite a friend, you and your friend will get 460 dents so for example, if you click the referral link in my video description you and i will get free 460 dent thats how easy to use this new Dent Application and today, we will try to purchase load and see if this app works! okay, lets search for the Prepaid Load alright, and as you can see… globe 50 pesos has been sold out were too late but we will try another number, and that is Smart which can be purchase with 1081 dent points only i will enter my father’s mobile number then click “check offers” so here, there is load available all deals with smart prepaid load and mobile data so now i will try to purchase this 50 pesos prepaid load buy 50 prepaid load for 1081 dents? then click “buy” we now need to wait for the prepaid load at my father’s mobile, the reciever will get an SMS from the operator to confirm the transaction *cellphone beeps and there! i just receive the free 50 pesos load which we got free from Dent application truly, its LEGIT and they giving out free prepaid loads! and thats how easy to use this app where we can get free load and free mobile data now, you can comment down your mobile phone numbers so that if i got the chance to make load give aways, you can be the lucky winner and wait the announcements from my Telegram Channel and see if you win FREE PREPAID LOADS! and if i just helped with this new video, click the THUMBS UP! SUBSCRIBE to my channel and also to my TELEGRAM CHANNEL to get notifications for my next video where we can earn money online, and also prepaid loads! thanks for watching this is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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  1. Register here:

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    Get 460 dent upon signing up! use it to purchase load right away!

  2. Maam aiza pahingi po ako ng load kahit 100 lang po
    Globe: 09151382861
    Please po thank youuuu and God bless you always po

  3. 09054128394
    yan po number ko ma'am aiza
    Thanks and advance ..message ka po ma'am aiza kung ikaw yung nag load.

  4. Ate pahingi po ng load… Number ko po
    09484198398 pakimessage nlang po ako kung kayo po ang nagload saakin thank u very much po! Pangbili ko lang po ng diamonds sa ml hehe para po may skin den po ako kagaya ng mga kaclassmates ko .. Kahit magkano po thank you very much po💖💖

  5. Pede po makahingi ng load P100 po pls po paubos napo kasi load ko ehh nasa biyahe pa pauwi sa bahay galing trabaho
    Number: 0906 634 1808
    Thank You po💖💖

  6. pwede po humingi load kahit 50 lang po, new subscriber po ako ma'am Aiz 🙂 09667055822 thank you in advance po sana mapansin po

  7. Pwede po ba ma bigyan ng load 09217101422 smart lang po regular
    new subscribe mo nag subscribe na po ako new lang thank you sana mapansin mo ate aiza

  8. Hi po ate pwede penge load 50 lng po or 20 po kayo na po bahala btw new subscriber here 09473382362 ismart po yan gaya nyo smart hehehe

  9. Ma'am aiza pengeng po load Na 100 .nag subscribe po ako nag turn on notifications and like and share to all my friend
    SMART:09298603568 Regular 100 po😊💕
    Maraming Salamat Po At God Bless

  10. Ate aiza pede po gawa nyo po ko ng paypal account nalilito po kasi ako sa pag fill up eto po number ko globe 09566321756 name ko po ay Radley Stephen V. Pile pede nyo rin po ko add sa messenger kelangan ko lng po talaga ng tulong sa pag gawa ng paypal acc.

  11. Pwede po ba na makahingi ng kahit 100 pesos load 😁.
    SMART – 09613373086
    Just subscribed sa channel nyo po but i've been watching your videos for weeks now hehe.

  12. Ate pwede po peyngeng load di po ako kasi marunong gumamit ng dent ang hirap po kasi mag ipon pwede nyo ako tulungan TNT:09203801342 kayo na po bahala kung mag kano po iloload nyo thank you po

  13. Ate Aiza pwede po pahingi ng load kahit 100 lang 🙏 pang top-up sa ML 😊😇 New subscriber lang po ako pero matagal2 na din ako nagwawatch ng videos mo😊
    09551136850 – TM

    Thanks in Andvance 😊

  14. hello po pwede po penge 500 load o kahit 200 lang po pang ml lang hahah subscribe ko po kayo

    thank you po💕

  15. Penge po ng load pls kahit 150 lang for ML. New subscriber here ty so much po.
    09453714414 globe po. 😊

    I'll appreciate your kindness po. 😊😊😊😊

  16. Ate aiza number ko po 09955140422 pls po ako sana mapili nyo 98 subscriber kapalang po naka subscribe nako ate aiza salamat

  17. Penge po load. Bawas gastusin lang po. Hehe. Matagal napo aq d² sana mapansin nyo hihihi.. kahit 50 lng poee. 09092223308

  18. 100 load lang lodi 💗 matagal na akong naka subscribe sayo napanuod kona lahat ng video mo lodi 💕 Hope you notice me 😔 09381148144

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