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Hi everyone it’s Maciej again. We’re in Germany at Gamescom 2019. This is where everything started one year ago. This is where Opera GX was born. Let’s go and see how it looks. So we are at the Gamescom 2019. I know that last year you were already here with the team, when the GX Browser did not exist yet. Opera GX is ready. Opera GX is here. Yes. What is the origin behind the browser? Why did you create a gaming browser? How did that happen? Actually, Gamescom is something I consider to be a birth moment of Opera GX. It is this moment where we see, okay, this is really something. This is something that people want and it is something we have to build. But the feedback we got there were so many things. There are so many insights that it was enough for us to start building a product. What were the reactions when we first launched Opera GX. The looks is just one thing. People really appreciate two features that we have included: That’s the Twitch integration, so you can see who’s online right now. The GX Control is another thing that people really, really appreciate. Some even say this is the one single reason why they really switch from another browser and they’re ditching what they have already been using for Opera GX. How many people does it actually take to build something such as Opera GX? The core team is not really that big. You have to be very quick. You have to be nimble and fast. So it means, the smaller, the team the faster you can deliver something. There are so many people of course behind the scenes that you don’t see and you did mention the different teams that you’re working with. And then also, you decided to come to the Gamescom itself. So you’re also, actually involving the users in the process. I would say that it is really beneficial because in the end, yes if you have more users, it’s kind of difficult to talk to everybody. It’s very difficult to get the feedback from everybody and incorporate it. That’s obvious. That’s something we need to face later on. But I would like to keep coming to Gamescom and other conferences like that as often as possible because this is really a source of very valuable information So then you can decide how much you actually want to use and you can limit it. That’s really perfect, because I got two monitors. I’m playing and when I’m just on dial and waiting I’m actually browsing Yeah. And I have always the task manager pop up, so it’s actually perfect to have it in the browser integrated.

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