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  1. Jon Snow’s Ending reminds me in a sort of way like the ending in the film, Prince Of Egypt when Moses saved his people and they are now free. It is in some way, everything that Jon did freed the Free-folk from the White Walkers, and the persecution of the Night’s watch from getting beyond the wall. The Free-Folk became Jon’s people in the end and as horrible as it was for him to get to where he is now, Jon is now free. Just as Ygritte said to him long ago, “wake up when you want to wake up. Wake up in the morning and lay down at night with a woman. Go hunting and fishing.’ Jon is free to do whatever he wants now. What more can I ask for in the ending for my favorite character, Jon Snow?
    Goodbye, Jon Snow. The White Wolf. The Savior Of the Free-Folk. The once Commander of the Night’s Watch and once King in the North. The Prince raised as a Bastard. The Wielder Of Long Claw. The man who fought and lost in so many ways. 💙❄️🐺🐾🗡
    Thanks for uploading. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I noticed something in thisfinal montage that I havent seen anyone else bring up. During his time as King in the North it always seemed that Sansa was at odds with Jon – no moment more apparent then when she questioned him in front of everyone about his mercy to house Umber and house Karstark. She had learned from Cersei that mercy was weak (something that Dany used as justification for what she was going to do to Kings Landing – she didnt want Cersei proving her weak and in effect fell into the same foolish belief as Cersei that mercy is weakness). Time and time again Jon displayed mercy to those who wronged him. Especially Sansa, who in effect betrayed him more than once (keeping the Knights of the Vale arrival to herself and then sharing his secret after she said she would not) and both times he subverted her expectation and forgave her – showed her the mercy she was willing to refuse others. I was pleased at the end of that montage as Sansa took her seat on the Northern Throne to hear a familiar voice yell out, "The Queen in the North!" — Lord Glover!!! He abandoned them for the Long Night and even the Last War and Sansa could have punished him severely for that, but she learned from Jon's leadership – to grant mercy.

    Dany couldn't grant mercy either – in many ways she saw it as a victory for Cersei if she did, – but even in the end Jon granted her a small mercy – a quick death – where many people in the show would respond with vengeance for what she had done. Yes, the way he led always put him at risk for betrayal – his own murder came from him doing what was right for life to continue. Some people call that dumb – i think it is honorable and worth living like – imagine if everyone lived as sacrificially as Jon. The world would be a better place.

    Jon displayed many Christlike attributes – I suppose that is a big reason he was my favorite character. This was a tragedy – not bad writing or character assassination. I was left both sorrowful at the cost of his sacrifice for everyone and inspired. Great ending and great video!!!!!! (my favorite parallel and contrast of Ygritte's last words "you know nothing, Jon Snow" and Dany's "you know what is right – you have always known" quite compelling and poetic. Haven't figured out what he actually knows yet though LOL) hope someone read all of this lol thoughts welcome

  3. Targaryen rule had to come to an end, even though Jon would make a great king, sooner or later history would repeat itself. Now we have a king who knows history itself. A king who showed great wisdom and mercy by forgiving Jaime and Theon, king who holds no grudges. Broken king for a broken kingdom

    Jon Snow is the Last Targaryen, who continues to be the shield who guards the realms of men (as the 1000th Lord Commander of the Nightswatch). It was about doing the right thing, no matter the cost. In the end he sacrificed even his birthright for peace. He is the Prince who was Promised, "Promise me Ned" The Prince who was promised to be kept safe by Ned. Two tragic Loves he knew,, one of Ice and one of Fire.

  4. If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."
    We were warned, well in advance, that this story wasn't going to have a happy ending. The Night King is slain, Littlefinger is dead, Cersei Lannister has been kicked off the iron throne, and the wars are finally, finally over… until the next ones, at least. A wiser, kinder king has taken the throne. But after counting the cost, can we really say it was worth it?

  5. My rankings for all finale scenes of finales of all 8 seasons of GOT:
    1. Season 4 finale (Arya-Braavos)
    2. Season 6 finale (Dany-westros)
    3. Season 1 finale (Dany-Dragons)
    4. Season 5 finale (John-Death)
    5. Season 7 finale (Walkers-Wall)
    6. Season 3 finale (Dany-Mysa)
    7. Season 8 finale (Starks-rule)
    8. Season 2 finale (sam-walkers)
    Greatest season of all times, yes I accept seaon 8 was weak as fu*k still it is the greatest,,,

  6. The Starks used Dany's armies to save themselves than promptly betrayed her. The Starks getting a happy ending is garbage to me. Also Bran knew that Dany would attack King's Landing and said nothing…he's a manipulator. Happy ending…more like a garbage ending.

  7. Jon got his happy ending eventually, the saviour and uniter of Westeros we have everything to thank him for, beyond the wall he found true happiness, HAIL THE KING BEYOND THE WALL!

  8. Just FYI, people are inquiring about the lyrics added to the theme song as Jon Snow rides off into the distance. Most writers claim it to be “valerian” inspired but I can almost CLEARLY hear “long live the king of the north”……

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