Game of Thrones Season 8 EP3 (The Long Night) Review, Critiques, Analysis

how's it going guys it's ideas of Ice and Fire I'm going to split this review into three sections pros cons and final musings and rating first off this episode had a really good opening Millis and resetting the arcs on fire was great I thought me lasondra would show up again and I got chills when that happened Melisandre was actually pretty useful this episode I always knew she would be in circumstances like this Fire Magic is an excellent tool against the others her meeting with Arya was interesting as well I'm glad they managed to find a way to tie all this back in with what Melisandre said to Arya back in season 3 about the eyes she would shut forever and after the battle was over Melisandre was finally allowed to die and I thought it was a great way to end her story she did her part in the battle against death and they probably would have lost without her as always the visuals were fantastic I would say that this is the best episode in terms of how good it looked this was definitely a thrilling episode I was biting my nails at some points there was an unborn moment in this whole episode the battle sequences in Game of Thrones have always been really great but if I said this wasn't the best one I'd be lying when the Sirian finally showed up and took on both Rogan and regal I was captivated this was a moment that fans of the books and the show have wanted to see for such a long time now we've heard about the dance of the Dragons when the Targaryen saw each other but to see dragons battle on screen and splendid computer-generated graphics was one of the most epic things ever and if I had to describe this episode as a whole by one word I think epic would be a good descriptor when that first wave of whites struck against the unsullied I thought oh my they are all going to die it looked so intense and I really liked that in this episode they show how well the unsullied held back against the others I think this must have been from Georgia Martin's notes if you wanted to pick a group of peace to hold back the charge of the White Walkers you would pick the unsullied in a storm of swords there is a story about how the unsullied 3000 of them withstood Dothraki bloodrider z– many times their numbers 18 times Siddhartha rocky charged and broke themselves on those shields and Spears like waves on a rocky shore in the end only 600 of them remained but more than 12,000 Dothraki lay dead upon that field including Kyle Tim oh and his blood riders in his costs and all his sons on the morning of the fourth day the new Khal led the survivors past the city gates and into a stately procession one by one each man cut off his braid and threw it down before the feet of the three thousand that considered I thought the decision to show the unsullied holding back the army of the Dead was very competent on the part of the riders and respectful to the source material there was a much dialogue in this episode but the dialogue that was in this episode was actually some of the bests in the show in a really long time it was sparse however I thought that some saying to Tyrion you were the best of them was a top line and also bran in the end saying to Theon Theon you are a good man is probably one of my favorite moments ever because everything that Theon has done since Ramsay Bolton has been so that he could prove to himself that he isn't a bad person and bran gave that to him that final confirmation in his final moment and it was incredibly powerful and it really hit home for me now I'm going to get into my cons of this episode and just heads up I'm about to complain for the rest of this video so if you don't want to hear it stop watching now firstly all of the main characters survived and don't say Theon and Jorah and the hierarchy of main characters they are both at the bottom and were at the top of the list for most obvious to die how many times in this app so did we see a main character almost died and get saved at the last second by another character that legit happened like eight or nine times in this episode I mean once or twice even three times would have been okay but they use this over and over and over and to be honest it's really lazy Valar morghulis unless your main character Tiki gotta give him those happy endings right seeing those Dothraki swords light up was amazing but they got extinguished really quickly but pretty much any face that you remember survived in the end and it doesn't feel like much was lost and also there were so many times where a character will be surrounded and it would look like the end but then right before the White Walkers get to them it cuts away but when it cuts back to fine know you have to show us how they're getting out of this ah next Khan beric Dondarrion long death no no no no no this is not how it works even if you totally ignore the books and follow your own Canon HBO beric Dondarrion is not some semi invulnerable superhero he's a normal dude that just happened to be brought back over and over and over again because of Thoreau's of Mir after the sixth or seventh deep stab wound he should have been out I mean this guy is already dead in the book so I know for a fact that this had nothing to do with anything that george RR martin planned it was just a little silly okay none of my biggest complaint the ending obviously and by the ending i mean the death of a knight king oh god what was that where did she even come from okay okay let's take a step back so Danny tries with the dragon but fails and the knight Cain just smiles at her that smile wouldn't glad that he had some kind of personality and I even thought that he might say something at that point but no turns out the knight King is just another typical soulless pointless trophy fantasy villain run-of-the-mill I'm evil just because I'm evil hahaha words cannot describe how disappointed I am but I will try anyway I don't know what bran was doing with the Raven so I want to start off by saying that if the knight king isn't actually dead and by dead I mean the entity and not the body then I preemptively rescind all complaints that is if bran were to deal with him later and lieu of that I don't think it will happen then I want to say to the showrunners how could you do this how could you in the beginning of this show say that you wanted to tell Martin story and then create a villain like the night king when Martin has stated again and again how much he hates this trope when Martin has stated again and again over and over again that he wrote this series to subvert to these tropes someone is lying here I'm the biggest george RR martin fan out there but if this is all there is to the white walkers the great threat then this sucks this is utterly derivative and I don't think Martin is the one that's lying if I'm being honest I've seen the 60 minute interview I know that Martin said that he believed the show would in similarly to his books I wonder what his opinion is after this episode in truth he hadn't seen this when he said that he wasn't sitting in on the writers table when they were coming up with this george RR martin told them the ending of his story and hoped that they would follow through and that's just that obviously the biggest question of this episode is where the hell did already come from was she hiding in the weirwood tree doesn't look like it did she jump from the wall unless she's spider-man I don't see how considering how far the walls of the castle are from the weirwood tree did she sneak up by wearing the face of a white well if she did then that's even dumber bottom line is this is the ultimate deus ex machina of the show the 19 was surrounded by not only White's but white walkers and not a single one of them moved fast enough to stop her that's the thing about being surrounded – to get to the night king Arya would have had to run through the waiting White's and the White Walkers this he's honestly one of the worst endings that I could have imagined I barely care what happens next did we really just defeat the night king and whenever so did we really the ultimate bad guy of the show just take him out like that and again this whole thing can't be part of how the book ends Melisandre never meets Aria in the book and she never gives her that cryptic prophecy so it's not a thing so don't tell me Martin planned this I wanted to like this episode so much it it started off so well this is not what I signed up for when I started watching the show I am not the type of person that this is for I don't like this fanservice a nonsense I thought this was a more meaningful story I thought this was a better story okay my final musings I'm curious about what happened between Milla Sondra and grey worm he looked pretty flustered and then she showed up but they cut away before we saw what happened I wonder if she said something to him also this was Lyanna Mormont first and last legitimately badass moment before this all she did was talk crap but she killed a white giant before she died and I'll give her credit that was pretty impressive and I'm guessing that the next three episodes will be dealing with the aftermath of Winterfell and dealing with Cersei we will see what comes of it I guess it's so hard to rate this episode in some ways it's so great but in some extremely crucial ways this episode just fails miserably considering the night King's motivation the ending the excessive plot armor this episode gets a 4.5 I'm sorry if that upsets you 4.5 out of 10 I'm sorry if you were hyped about this but I have not and you know what this is my channel and I'm gonna speak my mind and say what I really think I would have rated this episode so much higher without that ending 7 seasons of build up for the night King just to end up a second raped comic book villain like like a golden arrow a comic book villain that just died I just want to be the bad guy because I'm the bad guy I'm just at least vanos had a philosophy he was doing what he was doing for a reason this was supposed to be great

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  1. The Melissandre line isn't foreshadowing in either the writing or in-universe, despite the writers trying to make it so. The writers had the idea of Arya gibbing the ice king around three years ago, well after the line was written(S03?). During that line, Melissandre was also completely convicted about Stannis being the Azor Ahai. It was made purely for the faceless man development.

  2. You forgot to mention idiotic war strategy in your CONS, nobody charge first into the unknown with cavalries. They realized the number of white walkers far exceed their numbers, they should fight in hit and run with Dothraki while, Unsullied army fight behind barricades and moats of fire. They only have one moats at their back, they should make several to the middle of battle with barricades and unsullied fight behind barricades. Wildlings clear incoming zombies after they passed front barricades and moats while Dothraki flanks the stuck zombies in the middle. Hit and run!!! Trebutched at the backs keep firing. The biggest moat with spikes should be at the most front full with oils and woods to separate the army. OMG, how hard it is to think of that???

  3. Brought to you by David Benioff, the same guy who wrote Deadpool's mouth sewed shut and gave him laser eyes in X-men Origins.

  4. Get the fuck out of here with calling Melisandre's prophecy blue eye prophecy being about the Night King. Are you fucking kidding me? Here is 1 simple reason why it doesn't work….
    Why did she continue to think Stannis was going to kill The Night King with a burning sword then? Why did Shireen have to die????
    Didn't think of that did ya?

    If Melisandre saw Arya killing the Night King then there is no reason to continue believing Stannis is the Prince That Was Promised.

    Now take that shit off your "pros", because it is a major plot hole and they just shoehorned that to mean White Walkers. Melisandre has blue fucking eyes and Arya adds her to her little list after she takes Gendry from her.

    But whatever, if you want to give the writers credit for this, be my guest.

  5. Yeah, 2 episodes of re-introducing characters and stalling, 1 episode with the whitewalkers, and 3 episodes of drama/filler for cersai, great. Also, any deaths will seem comical considering all the characters survived 5+ death scenes with hundreds of undead. Plus, the 5-7 myths/legends/build-up that went down the drain (Azora/children of the forest/the others/the long night/3-eyed raven/melisandre/lord of the light all mean absolutely nothing). They were too lazy & lack the ability to write any explanation.

    On top of the fact the freys killed more main characters in 5 minutes than the night king did in 8 seasons.

    Both theon and ramsey capture winterfell on seperate occasions, but not the night king and literally millions of undead.

    The undead can hear ayra's blood drops, but apparently she can ninja run to negate even the elder white walkers from SEEING or HEARING her LOL. (And these guys are the equivalent to dragons, Tolkien's elves or vulcan in star trek). And the fact the actress uses an actual trampoline to film her scene proves just how fucking stupid and illogical the whole idea was implemented.

    And, Jon loses his story line, meanwhile arya cant kill cersai (someone on her list and a part of her story arc) without her being the overpowered character who kills both the main villians (if the night king can still be considered a main villian). Kit Harrington just got Mark Hamill'd and he even almost curses when he explains his shock that he doesnt even fight the night king.

    "Winter is coming" will be the new "jumping the shark" reference. The great war and longest winter lasted not even 12 hours.

  6. Honestly, I don't think G.R.R. Martin will ever end the books – everything that he would do similar to the series would be called a copy and everything he would do differently would be questioned, if it's only to dispise the series.

  7. “Let’s make Cersi a more awesome villain than the crappy annoying Night King” “let’s make this epic battle super dark so no one can appreciate it” “this is like helms deep on steroids” “Jon snow can fly around all episode” “have the white walker generals stand still all episode, without even flinching once” “forget an epic battle, just have Arya kill him, we’ll save on the budget. That money can be used to darken the whole episode more so no one can see wtf is going on”

  8. How is Lyanna killing a giant impressive at all? That's one of the biggest flaws of ep3. The giant killed himself by lifting her up, what a complete Joke

  9. Game of Thrones Season 8 <SPOILER>:

    For defeating the Night King in Battle Of Winterfell ,
    I would have the Old Gods of the Forest, the New Gods with the faith of Seven, plus the Lord of Light combine to end the Long Night.

    We know that Bran Stark as the Three Eyed Raven is the champion of the Old God.
    Melisandre the red witch will serve as Nissa Nissa to self-sacrifice in the end to allow Jon Snow to be the new Azor Ahai drawing LightBringer.

    We also have the Seven: Jamie the Father, Dany the Mother (defended by Jora), Sansa the Maiden, Tyrion the Crone, Brienne the Warrior, Gendry the Smith,
    & Arya the Stranger, working together at Godswood of Winterfell to defend Bran.

    The wielders of Valyrian Steel weapons will slay all the incoming White Walker elites, while Melisandre casting fire spell to keep the wights at bay.

    Bran fights an ethereal battle to hinder the Night King, but eventually everyone succumb to extreme cold from another snow storm casting by the Night King within the Godwood.

    This is the moment Arya launches her sneak attack at the Night King like we saw in the episode.
    Surely she performs her blade switching trick and stabs the Night King with the blade, destroying half of his icy body.

    Consequently Arya froze to death by the extreme cold choke by the Night King.
    And the injured Night King stands up again like T1000 and starts to regenerate while walking toward Bran.

    This is where Melisandre told Jon to stab her.
    By stabbing her out comes the legendary flaming LightBringer.
    Then Jon successfully plunge the Light Bringer into the regenerating Night King, ending him, the battle, and the episode.

    Lastly, in the opening of the 4th episode,
    with her dying breath, Melisandre transfers Beric's last life to Arya, resurrecting her (Yes keep Beric alive until then).

  10. Just when you thought, people are finally seeing the incoherence in the writing of this clusterfuck of a show –

    "Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones was . . . astonishing. This was one of the best episodes not only of HBO's extraordinary fantasy drama, but of any television show I've ever seen. I'm left reeling, dizzy, all my expectations shattered.
    Holy hell, that was something truly special. I'm not even sure where to begin. I suppose, let's begin with the moment right before the Night King was turned into a thousand pieces of ice. Shattered, like my expectations, by Azor Ahai." – Erik Kain, Forbes.

    "I can’t think of a bigger crowd-pleasing moment in the history of the show than Arya killing the Night King. Certainly there are deaths we’ve rooted for in the past, like Joffrey and Ramsay and Walder Frey, but honestly, this episode almost earned a 10 out of 10 purely for giving Arya such a showstopping scene – not least because, for one brief moment, it seemed as if the Night King was going to snap her neck like a twig." – Laura Prudom, IGN AU.

    "Arya. Freaking. Stark. Do I need to say any more? In one of television’s greatest twists, the Night King met his end in Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3, not at the hands of a charging Jon Snow, nor Daenerys’ dragonfire, but the youngest daughter of Ned Stark and her Valyrian steel dagger. It was the obvious highlight of an incredible, relentless 82-minute episode. Fans told of how their Fitbits congratulated them on their workouts because their heart rates stayed so high for well over an hour." – Alex Finnis, iNews UK.

    "….And HOLY SHIT Arya comes leaping out of nowhere, dagger poised to stab the Night King in the back. He whirls, catching her by the throat. He grabs her left arm and her dagger drops.
    ONLY FOR HER TO CATCH IT IN HER OTHER HAND AND PLUNGE IT STRAIGHT INTO HIS TORSO THROUGH A GAP IN HIS ARMOUR. The Night King shatters, crumbling into ice as Arya falls to the ground and we see his legions of undead crumbling in a similar fashion. ARYA. FUCKING. STARK. IS. THE. PRINCE. WHO. WAS. PROMISED." – Steph Panecasio, Gizmodo AU.

    ""Brown eyes. Green eyes. And blue eyes."
    Of course the Lord of Light needs a champion to carry out what was seen in the flames. Arya was the chosen one. What a great choice that was. They didn't say it by name, but I think Arya is the Prince that was promised, known as Azor Ahai in the books. This was meant to be Jon or Dany, most people thought, or their child. All to do with the importance of fire to the prophecy and the Lord of Light. Azor Ahai was supposed to carry a flaming sword, but the Night King, as we were shown, is impervious to fire, so that wouldn't have done much good. As it turns out, the much-vaunted catspaw dagger is Lightbringer, wielded by Arya Stark, a faceless assassin." – Jack Price,

    ^^This is what the showrunners have done to GRRM's ASIOF. People are interpreting it from what they are seeing on TV. Can't blame them much except most of these normies are dumb as fuck and not really familiar with the ASIOF series or they have completely forgotten what this show was like in season 1-4.

    Though lots of major websites flat out called this episode what it is – a terrible episode, but majority of them rating this episode 5/5, 10/10 etc. In their opinion, not only it is visually spectacular but also a bold one at ending the way it was ended.

    At this point I just feel sad.

  11. Mediocrity is the new Meritocracy. This episode was written for normies and shock value for for reaction videos. What a complete pile of shit this episode was.

  12. 1:16 I actually disagree. Yes, technically speaking it was the most impressive, but I hardly felt a thing. All the way through I never doubted that the main characters would live and it felt really drawn out. I much prefer the battle of black water.

  13. Winter is here…….. aaaaaaaaannnnnddddd its gone.

    I couldnt care at one point anymore. The amount of plotarmour, the unuse of the dragons against the Others, the extremely bad use of actual tactics in the field, switching from Jon to Arya all of a sudden, not even having him fight The Night King, Theons death in the end was such a waste with the ridiculous charge which is not a way too fight… what was the idea behind the Night King and his motivations of all the symbols over all those years? Etc etc etc

  14. Finally!!! One review which resonates with what I thought of the episode. Disappointing. Entertaining somewhat, but disappointing. Wasted golden opportunity.

  15. I would add that just about every other named character had more reason to kill the Night King than arya. Jon snow, barric, giantsbane, heck even Gendry have all been north of the wall and seen him, fought him, lost friends to him, lost battles to him… then arya just shows up "boop".
    The Faceless Men are no excuse. If the Faceless Men are so powerful they can kill the night king with 1 little girl and a dagger, how the hell has this guy been a problem for thousands of years?
    And jon snow's character has nothing to do now. He can go to king's landing and kill people there he has never met, like that means anything. The king's landing storyline had plenty of people for arya to kill, she did not need to settle the other plots she had no stake in. This is just awful writing.

  16. It's nice to know that someone agrees with me on this, because all I've been hearing are raving reviews of this episode and how badass Arya is, and I gotta say, I wasn't a big fan of the ending either

  17. Seems like you unreasonably increased your expectations and then are disappointed that the show did not meet them. Be realistic next time and you will be happier with the plotlines.

  18. 4.5 is generous. I was so fucking hyped for this season and in 3 seasons this has gone from my favourite show to one I am not sure I even want to finish.

  19. Dude really? Bran saying basically "Good Job" to theon was a good moment? that was so bad it felt like a comedy sketch

  20. This episode managed to drain my whole hype for the season and show…. now I’m probably as exited for the rest as for the MCU films…. I’ll just read about the plot online, eventually.

  21. I would guess Melisandre magically restored Grey Worm's penis. I think the show is THAT obsessed with happy endings for everyone.

  22. Damn, I agree with your observations mate but the way you express them, it makes you sound like a whiny baby. What is with all the "uhhhh"s ? Man up and state your opinions, and don't say shit like this is not what I signed up for. It's a tv show, a rhetorical performance.

  23. What really bugs me is that the long night isn’t the final most important battle for the survival of humanity. The long night was one single episode….

  24. "The visual were fantastic". I have to respectfully disagree with you there. Most of the time during the battle, It's hard to see what's going on. The main problem for me is when it's dark, it's really dark. Not to mention the constantly moving camera jump here and there during these dark scenes made it worse. After half episode gone by during my viewing, I become so annoyed of the "barely" follow-able scenes. When you can see clearly what's going on like Melisandre lighting up Dothraki's sword and such, it is cool visual, but again for the rest, maybe it's actually cool looking visual, but the way they edited/shoot the video definitely distracted me.

    I understand this is supposed to be "the darkest night", and they want to convey that clearly. I understand your reasoning and respect that but you also need to understand that you want audience to be able to see your works. If it has the lighting level that a little bit dimmer than battle of blackwater, I would be completely fine with that.

    I have seen article talking about the cinematographer defending his works from the fans about his lighting, and that he's blaming the viewer's screen setting. He also said that the reason it was edited/shot like that is to "create a sense of disorientation in the viewer as the chaos of the battle played out". Well you definitely made me frustrated about that for sure. The way he argued about his cinematography is like how people that shoot movies with bad action shaky cam justified their reasoning. If his argument is to watch in a theatrical environment, that doesn't align with it being distributed for HOME entertainment, generally highly compressed distribution. I'm sure it looked amazing to the 5 people in the DI suite, but what do you think about the rest?

    The thing is after watching all GoT episodes, never once the thought on the technical level of "This is really hard to watched" occurred to me. This is the first time I thought about that.

  25. This is simply what we're stuck with until either GRRM finishes the damn books or dies before he can.

  26. Screw Chuck Norris We now Have Arya…….. Chuck Norris killed a T rex with a dagger. well Arya Killed Godzilla by jumping over the pacific Ocean and stabbing him with a safety pin. Then killed, King Kong. by jumping over the Ocean landing on Skull Island, and stuck him with a sewing needle, making him explode.

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