Full Web Experience: Web Browser on Android-Powered Phones

>>Androids native web kit browser enables
users to experience the full web and recieve a complete set of functionality that integrates
web viewing with other parts of the mobile phone.
Start the web browser by pressing the “Browser” icon in the home screen.
Let’s search for info on a cool movie, “WarGames.” [pause]
You can enter a URL, search the web, visit a bookmark, download images for your wallpaper,
and much more. If you’d like to link a photo to a contacts
profile, you can long press the photo after downloading it.
By selecting and holding an item on the touch screen, you uncover an additional set of actions.
Select “Save image,” then choose “Download history” where you can select that image.
Press “Menu” and select “Set as,” then select “Contact icon.”
Here, you can either “Create new contact” or grab the image and place it into one of
your existing contacts. [pause]
Say you want to share that great picture of your parents.
With Android, you can easily cut and paste between all applications.
Long press and select “Paste” to place that flickr link into the email. The same full
web experience you’re used to on a computer can be found on Android.

33 thoughts on “Full Web Experience: Web Browser on Android-Powered Phones

  1. I can only think of two things wrong with this: one the phone is not as cool looking as the iphone and the only way you can get this is with a T-mobile contract and I for one will never go back to T-mobile.

  2. this shouldn't compete against the iPhone because this is basically a Pocket PC and the iPhone is an iPod + Phone. BIG difference there.

  3. I totally Agree!
    I also think that Android will be a Huge Hit when two things happen.

    First: More Disk Space! It has to have it if it is going to compete with the 16gig iPhones.

    Second: A manufacturer needs to just build the phone that accepts Sim or not. Then it can be used with any Provider. HTC's phone is just for T-Mobile right now. And this does nothing for me…

    You will see more and more applications for this. You will see many of the same ones that the iPhone has, but at no cost.

  4. saxrider I don't need to define my terms it is a simple thought…should we spend money on this product or is it a waste of technology?

    Whats not hard to understand about that?

  5. *Design?
    Think twice about it before you walk away.
    How about this: It is Open Source. You could learn how to change it and do so. Try doing that with another OS on any phone.
    iPhone? Geesh, you have to pay just to make Apps for it.

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