FREE Wim Hof Method App!

Are you looking for the ultimate Wim Hof Method training tool? We have you covered! Thanks to our amazing community The official app is now free And has been completely redesigned to be the perfect companion to your practice. Learn everything about the three pillars Breathing, cold, commitment And get the perfect introduction to the Wim Hof Method Use the stopwatch to log your results and track your progress With the interactive calendar Your Google Fit or Apple Health App, and your SmartWatch. Plus, if you already have our Fundamentals video course You also get exclusive access To downloadable One-on-one breathing sessions for offline practice anywhere. Go to the Google Play or iTunes Store and get your hands on the new and improved app today!

31 thoughts on “FREE Wim Hof Method App!

  1. Umm, good, but I'm a tiny bit annoyed, having just bought this a couple of weeks ago. And it really wasn't worth the £3.99 I paid. Especially since I'm paying for the 10 week course.

  2. thank you sooooo much, i needed this training becouse i am weak when it comes to the cold and easily get sick!just thank you!

  3. Feels a bit sad because I actually paid money for something people are getting for free. I hope we get something in the near future.

  4. Now THIS is the level of QUALITY I expect from Wim Hof and Team! Question: Will the purchases I plan to make online at your website be accessible in the app? Thank you for an outstanding app!

  5. What I'd like to know. Mr. Wim Hof is, do you actually do the breathing technique when you walk shirtless in the cold? Or do you do it before and then just run the Himalaya for a few hours or so? And how do your fingers and toes do not actually freeze?

  6. @Wim_Hof is commitment that feeling of the focus, doubting but be-ridding the doubt, transforming the feeling into energy to stay commited naturally by breathing and re-focusing? is it different for each person, because this is what I d" o to fight the tension and the fear, riding it and transforming it into something I use, an energy that I re-direct to calm myself and commit to the feeling and cold of the cold waters, the "fight" against the cold feeling with relaxation and calm and breathing.

  7. Why does it say the app is 80 pounds in the App Store it’s not free I don’t mind paying 80 pound if i know if it’s worth it ?

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