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– What’s up guys? Welcome back once again to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. My name is Pete, and today
we’re going to be talking about a controller to control aspects of your livestream that you
can run on your mobile phone. So you won’t need to Alt Tab
back to the streaming software, you can do things like going live, switching scenes, enabling
and disabling sources, or muting your mic right
from your mobile phone. We’re going to be covering it in detail, and how to set it up in this video after a quick message from our sponsor. Nerd or Die have just dropped
their latest stream pack called Interface which has been designed in collaboration with Twaz. This cyberpunk-inspired
stream package comes with overlays, alerts, event lists, chatbox, stinger transitions and profile panels. Check it out using the link below with code gamingcareers for 10% off. So this app is available
both on iOS and Android. It’s completely free, and as I said, it’s built by Streamlabs. So the kind of things it
lets you do are things like going live, starting and
stopping the recording, swapping scenes, enabling
and disabling certain sources that are in those scenes,
muting your audio, as well as changing your
overall design if you wish to. I’m just going to give a
quick demo as to how it works. So as you can see, I have Streamlabs OBS running on my computer,
this is running on my phone. If I wanted to, say, change scene from my starting soon scene
which I’m on right now to my intermission, I
just click the button and it swaps scene. Now, here you can see
I’ve quite a lot going on, I’ve got quite a lot of different sources enabled on this scene. If I just wanted to disable my
camera, I just click camera, my camera goes, click it
again, and it comes back. Super simple, instant in
terms of how quickly it works, and it’s a great little controller, absolutely free, that you
can use on your livestreams. So obviously the main advantage for this is that you never actually
need to physically Alt + Tab to Streamlabs
OBS on your computer to be able to do these things. You can just do them from your phone which could be on a little stand, or it just could be next to your keyboard, and the screen stays awake throughout when you have the remote open, so you don’t need to worry
about unlocking your phone or something like that. It stays awake the whole time so it’s really quick and easy to use, and obviously the main
advantage is that it’s free. Now, one of the obvious comparisons people are going to be
making between the app is with the Elgato Stream Deck. And I’ve got to say it’s
nowhere near as customizable as something like the Stream
Deck is, as you would expect. The Stream Deck is a premium product, you can use it with a variety
of different applications outside of streaming as well,
things like editing programs. It’s completely
customizable, you can change what each button does, how it looks. This is just the basics, so it just does Streamlabs OBS controls for different scenes, different sources, muting your mic, like I
would call it the essentials but obviously it’s free
so you’re not going to get the same level of performance as you would out of a Stream Deck, but it’s
a really great alternative for those of you that maybe
can’t afford a stream deck or are saving up and just
want to get your hands on a little controller right away. The other major thing to
note is that the application only works with
controlling Streamlabs OBS, not regular OBS studio. So Streamlabs have built this application for your iPhone or for
your Android devices and it only controls Streamlabs OBS. So if you haven’t yet
tried out Streamlabs OBS, I have a link in the
top of the description where you can download the software and you’ll need that for the next step which is downloading and
installing the app on your phone. So now you should have Streamlabs OBS installed on your computer,
so if on your phone you head to the App Store or Play Store and search for Streamlabs, you should find the app
that you need to download. On the App Store it’s called
Streamlabs Stream Live, so click to download
that, and I’ll just give a brief description as
to what the app does, ’cause it does more than just
the remote control feature. It’s actually been
built from the ground up to be an IRL streaming, so you can stream from your mobile phone and
your mobile phone camera. So we’re only going to be
doing a small subset of that, as in we’re going to be looking
just at the remote control. So we’re going to be skipping
a lot of the functionality but you might get some
requests for permissions as we install the app, to allow it to use the
camera and microphone ’cause it’s been built
as an IRL streaming app. Once it’s installed, you
should be able to launch it, and you should be greeted
with a login screen here. It’s going to be in landscape, ’cause the whole app is built
to be in landscape mode. You need to log in either
with your Twitch or YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, whichever platform you’re going to be streaming
to, and whichever platform is linked to your Streamlabs account. For the majority of you, and for me as well, that’s Twitch. If I click log in with Twitch
it’s going to give me a form to log in and as well
as the authentication if you haven’t already
done that for Streamlabs. So just enter those details and I’ll see you at the next screen. So again, when you launch it, you’re probably going to
see a screen that asks you to enable the camera and the microphone. This is if you wanted to
use it for IRL streaming. It’s not necessary if you’re
just going to be using it for the remote control, but
enable them if you’re going to be thinking about
doing any IRL streams, and then the next screen
is going to ask you to enable some widgets for the IRL stream. Again, not necessary, so
you can just click next and then finally get started,
and it should take you to a screen which has a camera view. So you can see here,
here’s my Streamlabs OBS and that’s where I’m recording my videos, but we’re actually
interested in setting up the remote control, so if
you hit the little hamburger in the top corner and
then go to remote control, you can see it gives you
a space to scan a QR Code. Now, in Streamlabs OBS on your computer, you want to come up here
to the Settings menu, down to remote control, and
you can see here’s a QR code. So line it up with your
phone, click to show, and it should sync, and there you go. I have all the controls ready on my phone, and that will completely
control Streamlabs OBS. If I want to swap to
my intermission scene, I just click it, and there’s
my intermission scene. If I want to hide my
social media or my camera, it’s as simple as that. Once it’s set up, it’s forever linked, and it’ll stay on this screen. It won’t dim down or lock your device, as long as you have Streamlabs OBS open. A couple of things to note about the app is that it shows the sources depending on which
scene you have selected. So right now I’m on my intermission scene, and you can see I have quite a
few different sources enabled but if I just went to my
stream starting soon scene, I only have the one source which is just the video background that’s looping. So it will always show the sources that are enabled and
disabled in that scene. So if we go back to the intermission one, you can see it updates with
all the different sources that exist inside that scene. One of the improvements
I would love Streamlabs to make on the app is the ability to be able to rearrange the icons here, ’cause these are set in a default order, and you can’t rearrange them. So what annoys me about
this is this muting the mic, or muting your desktop
audio, these are both options that are at the very very
bottom of the button list. I’d love to be able to
move those up to the top as those are really handy functions to be able to have right
at your fingertips, if you need to cough, or if
somebody comes into your room, or something like that, and you just want to mute
your mic very very quickly. One handy thing to think
about is if you have an iPad or an Android tablet with a
bigger screen than your phone, you can of course install
this application on a tablet instead and you will have more
buttons at your fingertips, without needing to scroll around. So hopefully for those of you
that are using Streamlabs OBS, you are now set up with
your own little controller. I’m not by any means saying that this is a replacement for the Stream Deck. For me the Stream Deck just has
way, way more functionality, and it’s just so much easier to use, but I understand that it is out
of some people’s price point and this is just a really
simple way to get started with Streamlabs OBS and being
able to up your production level by not having to Alt
+ Tab to your software, and just control things
from your phone instead. If you have enjoyed the video,
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you in the next video. Peace.

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