Fonts showing as missing in creative cloud applications (Fix)

hi everyone this is a continuation of
the previous Fix for missing fonts in Creative Cloud well the other fix wasn’t
working consistently for me and that was really annoying sometimes it works
sometimes it didn’t work maybe it wasn’t the correct fix, at all but after playing
around found another solution probably a this solution would be more consistent I
hope so because it’s really annoying. so here we go give it a try and see how it goes search of course going to search, write fonts… change
font settings, and you’ll see in font settings this would be checked off you
need to check it and check this to allow all fonts to be installed by a shortcut
once you do that everything should be closed of course the illustrator or
whatever you experienced the problem in should be closed and then when you
open it again everything should work another thing to try and that’s
something I did would be to just take the fonts from the font manager
uninstall them and reinstall them again before opening because now you
basically allowed the system to use shortcuts for fonts I don’t know
way it was changed I think it was checked by default somehow it got
unchecked and the font manager… probably your font manager as well
stopped working and so this should bring it back on, hopefully it works for you.
good luck

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