Flutter / AngularDart – Code sharing, better together (DartConf 2018)

13 thoughts on “Flutter / AngularDart – Code sharing, better together (DartConf 2018)

  1. Sometimes an explanation of how and why you reach to some solution is way more valuable than a very detailed description of the final solution. I found this very instructive!.

  2. I have a GWT app. Flutter looks great, but what about web! Then I thought, perhaps Dart should be the key technology moving forward. Now after watching your presentation, I am optimistic there could be a way to move forward with flutter and angular dart, but wouldn't it be nice if flutter also produced web js like GWT. But now thanks to you, I now have some direction: to go learn and understand streams and sinks… Think I'll have to watch your pres a few more times though. My head spins. Good fun. Thanks.

  3. Paolo, ótima apresentação !!! Tb estou começando com desenvolvimento em Flutter e pensando em usar seus BLoC's ;-), você colocou o código da apresentação em algum lugar?

  4. Thanks Paolo, hope I can understand Dart and Flutter to create an app using Firebase as backend and services 🙂
    Greetings from Brasil 🙂
    Ormando (Colatina – ES)

  5. I like the architecture you described here. Where can I find the source code for Flutter apps written with the guidelines you mentioned?
    Thanks a lot!

  6. It would be very convenient if there was a starting example – a template from which you can start to write code for flutter and web

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