100 thoughts on “First time playing Kerbal Space Program

  1. Yup pizdec from start to finish but I think I can fix the design…just call matt lowen je is good at it.

  2. "Floating metal nipple in space." I'm two years late to this party, but this is second time I've spat my kvass because of your delightful humor

  3. бля крутой канал я всё равно смотрю когда борис на англ базарит 😀

  4. i just watched this and i gotta tell you why that guy was so happy when he was about to die. ask anybody who plays this game and they will say "because it's Jebediah"

  5. No one not a single person

    Boris: detaches command module on the moon from space craft then continues to explode rocket because of near instant light speed motion 3:15

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