10 thoughts on “First lady visits Boston cuddle program for babies born on drugs

  1. Nothing says “I care about babies” quite like taking time off your job caring for babies to protest someone visiting a hospital to care for babies.

  2. Wow these hospital workers should be ashaimed of themselves. Thats like me saying im gonna protest every one of those white workers because down the line they have relation to racist ppl. Pffft get a life and fire off these bums. Protesting the president while at work should be automatic dismissal

  3. It was Great to see Melania Trump Visit these remarkable children. My hat is off to her not the liberal low lifes
    who tried to block her visit

  4. Babies that are addicted have to stay in the hospital until they are slowly weaned off the drugs and their vital signs need regular momitoring and they usually need O2. They need lots of holding to get better. It can take weeks or months. There is not enough staff to do all the cuddling, holding, talkung to alk the babies. The mothers are usually not as bad off while they are weaned off the drugs. Not all mothers are working on recovery. The mothers can't stay at the hospital. If the families are able, of course they can take turns going to nurture the babies, but many families can't.
    There is nothing wrong with letting well vetted volunteers help out. I have done it for others.
    I can't figure out why anyone would protest against this very wirthy program. Maybe these leftist who have so much time on their hands to march in the streets protesting everything and anything American and spends their days causing division and strife in this country, could help out instead. It's time the left rein themselvescin and start trying to do some good for a change. Melania Trump is a lovely person and deserves support on this endeavor.

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