Firefox: how to open registry keys in the browser

You are changing a lot of settings in the
registry and you have to open the registry folders, which you find on the internet. Then
I show you a Firefox addon, which speeds up this very much. I know this problem, when
I have an online video tutorial or just a tutorial as text and then I have to navigate
through all the folders in the registry till I get to my target path. But we can speed
this up with a easy Firefox addon. We open the Firefox and I have prepared a video, because
here in the description is a registry key and then we just install this addon open regedit
key. Klick here on add to firefox and install and then we don’t even have to restart the
Firefox. we can just jump ahead to our registry key and we have to mark it and right click.
Here in the context menu we have the new entry open in regedit. When we click on this, yes,
now we have here the whole path, so this is way faster than the normal way. Because then
we had to open the run dialog, regedit, open it and then navigate through all the folders
here manually. So this is much faster. So that’s it, I would appreciate your likes and
comments and check out my channel and subscribe to me to miss no future videos. I put three
videos in the endcard, in which you might also be interested. See you next time.

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