Faculty and Staff: Software Engineering @ RIT

[ Music ]>>Engineering design,
product development, team work and communication,
4 objectives that we try to put forward and
they’re based on some standard principles and daily
practices for engineers.>>With the faculty you really
get, not just in the classroom but also during their office
hours, a lot of, you know, one on one time and they’re willing
to help you and it’s not like oh, I have to help the student
it’s, you know, they’re happy to help you work through your
problems and learn.>>This is only my second year
so I’ve only had a couple professors but so far they’ve
been really helpful. I’ve been really impressed with
the professors I’ve had in software engineering. They seem very professional like
they know what’s going on in the field and I think I’ve had a
really good education.>>I really try to get the
students active working in small teams, sharing their ideas,
trying out the techniques that are going on in class, really
practicing what it is that they’re learning about.>>We stopped by our professor’s
office and said, you know, we’re having some problems with this
tool and he said, oh, well, I’ll come right in, he came right
into the lab, you know, sat with us for 1/2 an hour 45 minutes
trying to just figure out our problems and explaining the
material more in depth to us.>>The academic advisor we have
for software engineering is probably the best you’re gonna
be able to find anywhere on campus. She really will walk you through
finding the courses you want to take. She’ll also help you to
determine, you know, what’s the best course of action to take
when you’re looking to get into a certain field of engineering
when you leave this college.>>It’s a very small department
so the students tend to be on a more personal basis with the
number of professors that we have. But if you’re friends with them
outside the classroom and you know more personal things about
them you have much more respect for them and they for you and it
just makes the whole experience way more positive. [ Music ]

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