Facial Hair Application – How to Make a Fake Beard – PREVIEW

>>Lance Anderson: Get the hair, spread it out,
and I’ll use my thumb and just fan it in. Push it into the adhesive. Now, it’s like
laying shingles, you start at the bottom and you work your way up. When you use lace, your
beard is always going to look the same. You do take a chance when you’re laying the beard.
You have to make sure you have a good reference material because you want to make the beard
look the same each time, and that could be something that could interfere with continuity.
You’re always concerned about continuity when you’re working on a film.
I’ve got the first layer of human hair across there and it’s starting to see that there
is a transition you can still make out the darker hair underneath, but you’re starting
to see some variation now. It’s not just one color. A mustache is a good place to put a
lace piece because they’re easy to take off. The person goes to lunch or something, you
can whip it off and they can eat their lunch without having the hair hanging down over
it. When you lay a mustache, you have to get in there with a curling iron like a small
one I said and you have to curl and style it. That thing is hot and you got that right
next to the–they would feel the heat they might move or something like that. It’s a
good place to use a lace piece if you’re going to use one.
If you put a lace beard on, you almost inevitably have to do this on the edges. Hand lay these
edges like this because you want to disguise that lace that’s laying out there in the open.
That’s why you want to learn this technique because putting the lace beard down isn’t
difficult. It’s making it believable and that edge is
probably the most important part. Go ahead and yawn. Okay, now smile, big smile.

100 thoughts on “Facial Hair Application – How to Make a Fake Beard – PREVIEW

  1. Lance uses the following epoxies and glues:
    Extra Hold Spirit Gum
    K.D. 151 Extra Strength Ultra Matte
    Pros-Aide Water-Based Adhesive
    Spirit Gum Matte
    Telesis Silicone Base Adhesive #5

    Most can be ordered from PPI products.

    For hairs, Sally's online sells both Yak and Human hair.

  2. Yes, Roj. Real hair works as well as crepe hair for laying hair, but it's much more expensive, and since laying a beard is usually a "one-use" kind of thing, human hair is usually reserved for punching and tying (ventilating). -Matt

  3. Do you have any tips on how I might be able to make a reusable goatee using my own hair (it's thick & straight)? Like maybe attaching/trimming the hair to something that I can stick to my skin?
    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  4. Well, sure, you could attach to a very thin net like the makeup artists use to attach human & yak hair beards in the movies, and then apply with spirit gum and remove with alcohol. – David

  5. that is the best fake mustache and beard I have seen. If you are interested in crepe for any project you have you can get it at allcoopedupdesigns. com.

  6. I am am about to shave off my handlebar mustache. I am looking for a way to mount it to lace or something else so I can use it in either an art piece, permanent, or as a make up appliance, remove able. What can I do? I need an answer ASAP as I am shaving it off for school. Thank you and great video!

  7. Question: if I use this method to create a beard and attach it to a latex net or something , is it reusable? I will apply it with spirit gum and protect it well. How many times you think it can be reused? Thank you .

  8. I'm totally doing this for a cosplay. Any tips on how to make the beard short? Like, not been shaving it for a few days? I'm a female, so I don't have this problem, luckily. The beard I'm going for looks like this: http://bit.ly/Say1xQ

  9. please could you tell me what glue is the best, I am trying to find the best glue for a polymer clay bust, but I need it to be matte and tacky as it will be very fine and flesh will be showing.

  10. If I can't grow a beard by the time I'm twenty years old, I'll have to resort to applying a prosthetic beard & mustache by means of having blatantly legit facial hair. It appears that I will need to apply some skin-sensitive adhesive to my face first; take a bunch of some prosthetic hairs and twist them into the shape of a fan second; push the hairs head-on into the adhesive third; and continue this process until my face is totally covered by the prosthetic beard fourth and last of all. But unless Black Phomthong (a facial hair growth acceleration product from Thailand) will help me grow a beard for times when I need one, I'll get out my makeup kit and put on a beard if I'm attending an all-male event the next day that comprises mainly of bearded men.

  11. this video is really educational. Loved it. If interested you can get crepe hair at www.allcoopedupdesigns.com for a great price and very good qaulity 

  12. What's the name of this meshwork (in the video "How to Knot Hair with Michael Ornelanz") because I don't know where I can buy this. And where I can buy this long Hair's to make a Wig or a long beard? 

    At the end: It was a grat video! Thank you help me a lot!

  13. what do i do if I want the opposite? I want to cover my natural beard and facial hair. I have a light beard and don't want to shave but I'd like to use make up to cover it and make a smooth looking face. What is the solution? Anybody?

  14. I hope you can help.
    First this is amazing! I am looking for facial hair to buy and to work with it. Any ideas if I can buy it somewhere? Want to knot my own beard, but the only thing I can find is normal human hair.

  15. To clear up any forms of questions: This is only temporary! A day use only 🙂 This sort of technique is used in films and TV but if you have sparse parts in facial hair, it's a great way of correcting it. This is human hair but you can use synthetic too. You can attach the hair by using lace front wig glue and spirit gum! You can remove spirit Gum with spirit gum remover and lace front glue with warm water and soap. You can buy the hair online, I'd always practice with cheaper synthetic hair before purchasing more expensive human hair. Always make sure you check the ingredients and patch test the glues- Be safe with it.

  16. Could I do this for armpit hair? And does it stay on fairly well? Like if someone pulled on it would it come off really easy

  17. Dang I know I don’t have a place to talk about this because I’m probably going to have a beard when I’m older but you guys don’t have to get fake beards to look good you guys already look good

    You do not need to alter your looks for society you look good anyways

  18. The ones commenting things like: go grow a beard, why you have to put a fake beard, this is nonsense and some other bullshits… THIS IS FOR SPECIAL EFFECTS!!!! How could Y'all be that dumb

  19. I feel the most realistic Beards/facial hair are a combination lace with sparse individual hairs to fill in the perimeter of the lace.I use a dotting tool and pointed tweezers.I use a tiny dotting tool to make the smallest black dot with make up a shade slightly darker than the darkest hair I am using …then I apply an individual hair on each dot…just above and below the lace which gives a very realistic beard for up close shots. Very few can pull off a realistic beard .. You do Amazing work!!

  20. I am the world president of the international Magician society this is the best stage make up teaching I have seen in many years congratulations Stan

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