EXPLODING Cell phone in UltraSlo

49 thoughts on “EXPLODING Cell phone in UltraSlo

    I don't want to be a kill joy, but I thought I might offer some food for thought. People can donate their OLD phones to victims of domestic violence at their cell phone store. (i.e. Verizon in my town) Even non-plan phones can call 911. You might save a woman's or child's life and it cost you nothing. Thanks for your time.

  2. I have posted over 500 slow motion videos for you to enjoy. They have been viewed millions of times! How many have you seen? Enjoy

  3. Well You can clearly see nothing Important broke, Just slap it back together again
    Nokia is unbreakable obviously

  4. Nope!!! there was no photoshop here it is straight out of the camera. It was a great explosion and everything went the right way. Never got that lucky again! 😉

  5. im pretty sure that nokia still works even after a nuclear blast they will still work thank god for nokias

  6. Actually it survived. See? Only parts that were able to remove removed! And the red thing was the firecracker.

  7. Really, cool, to us we would see the phone parts fly in different directions in a split second, but even slowed down, the expansion and ignition of gasses is as fast to the phone as the phone is to us, fly in different directions… Amazing 😀

  8. Dear Nokia, something is wrong with my phone, it doesn't seem to have a firecracker hidden in it. Please send me a complete phone.

  9. Ha thats impossible we all know that Nokia cant be destroyed, its like trying to kill chuck norris

  10. @razerburst Yes I am here, thanks… I hope to have a new Sponsor so I can get the new Hi Res cameras. I need to shoot a few clips with the old camera just for fun too. Maybe this week we will get 1 or 2 up.

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