Experience the Wake Forest Law LLM Program

Dick Schneider: We started our LLM program with the ambition of bringing foreign law students
and legal professionals to our law school in order to enrich their understanding of American law but
also to create diversity in our own law school classes.
Our LLM students have greater opportunities to mingle
with the JD students, have great opportunities to get to know
their professors, really personally, both in and outside the
classroom. We really view ourselves as a family. Ronald Wright: We do legal education here on a human scale, so the small size of the program here means that we are deliberate about
integrating LLMs into various parts of the program. Liz Johnson: A lot of schools are too big to have the intimate environment with professors and librarians and students, and I
think that starts not only in classroom but in the events we provide and the library support that they have and we really become your second home for a year. (Dick Schneider lecturing) Bernard Armoo: It is fantastic taking classes with the JD students. The international students, we are from
all over the place and the world. We can discuss our law as well as the JD students can discuss their law, so then it becomes a bit of a
comparative class. Dick Schneider: The LLMs and the JDs interact in the
classrooms and outside of the classroom. Each LLM student has a JD mentor who
is with that LLM student for the whole year. They
help the LLM student with their acclimatisation to classes and to the general social life the law school, and
also getting around Winston-Salem. Mauricio Zuluaga: Here it’s so easy to connect with the professor because the small classes gives you the opportunity to
interact with them in a more personal way. Kreshnik Radoniki: I would definitely recommend the Wake Forest University to a student would like to study in United States. It’s a University of
values, of professionalism. It’s a university that provides a certain experience that a certain student can gain knowledge from it and as well as for their future career and I definitely recommend. Dick Schneider: This is so moving for me to see all of these faces together in this room. We have people here from the very
beginning of our LLM program, and I’ve seen all of you as you came through the halls of Wake Forest, and it’s just wonderful to see you all together here tonight. Hadia Balkhyoor: When I graduated from Wake Forest with an LLM degree
it was a really great experience for me. I tried to… I tried to, you know, read and learn about completely new different systems and I feel like like I got great knowledge and experience. Victor Manzano: I realized Wake Forest was different because you get to mingle with the rest of the JDs. It’s not an LLM-oriented
program. You get to choose your classes, you get to choose whatever you want to study. Certainly one of my best personal and professional years in life was the time that I spent here at Wake Forest University.

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