Executive Doctoral Program in Health Leadership (DrPH): Real-World Application

I’m the branch chief for health systems
and evaluation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the CDC
in Nairobi Kenya. There’s an ability to really collaborate, commiserate on occasion and build off of one another’s expertise, so I’m learning from people
who work in the domestic healthcare system. I work internationally. They’re
learning from my experiences so it really helps us grow in ways that are
cumulative to all of the coursework and the dissertation. I think that the professors, they always give us assignments that are relevant to my day
today. They ask us actually to draw from that and I’ve found it to be much more, I
don’t know, applied in that same sense to my team that they work in Nairobi. We’re seeing a fundamental shift and in hospitals in health care and we’re really seeing it where it’s becoming more public health-focused, population
health-focused and there’s really a gap there and that’s really that the sweet
spot so to speak went when I looked at this program to say well how can you
marry the public health perspective and then our current model in health care and
this is a perfect environment to really explore that further. I still firmly believe that we need well-trained leaders to be able to manage that and to bring it all together. Siloed systems are no longer possible in
this very multidisciplinary world and so I feel very strongly that the Executive
DrPH program at Gillings is the right type of coursework and it’s the right
degree for those of us who want to move forward with that type of leadership.

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