*EXCLUSIVE* EASTER CODE!! | Build a boat for Treasure ROBLOX

I'm so wait wait no okay okay guys so illusion doesn't know the coven so I am going I'm gonna challenge him wait let me get in your server there get in your server do not type in any code yet illusions ghost okay guys I know there's like no intro to this video okay but um yeah so I'm here with illusions ghost and yeah so today we went over a brand new code inside a buildable and actually accidentally redeemed it on my account on my main account and wasn't recording so yeah anyway guys welcome back to a brand new video vegas smash for 1000 likes for today's video that would be insane guys so make sure you guys smash that like button if you guys have not already and subscribe to the channel if you guys want some free eggs from the egg launcher i'm gonna be shooting some eight four people Sofia's wants to make all you guys have to do is simply subscribe to the channel like the video and comment down below your gets his roblox username alright I'll try to join some games here there and yeah so here we go guys we're actually gonna go over to the thing here and we're going it to go over to the settings and we're gonna go to we're gonna type in Happy Easter just like this guys and then we're so we just gonna press redeem and then we're going wait wait wait hold on it's happy Easter just like this wait no I got it okay wait wait which one is it it's like not letting me redeem any February its capital yeah hey don't ruin for us yo okay yo nothing is happening guys hold on I gotta go ahead and see this right now alright so hold on I gotta reset my character and I gotta find out what exactly this code is because right now I have no idea what this thing is because actually I do I had it but hold on let me type it in again happy Easter just like this guys right boom there we go now let's maybe a 10 balloons alright guys we got one cake and then we also got 10 candies okay okay and we also got 25 glow blocks okay okay and one big a okay this is like the exclusive Easter Egg right there guys so if you guys don't know what this egg is it's like the one that like um it's like very like its it's like the exclusive one for today so it's actually really really sick wait what I got another ten balloons wait what the weirwoods labor code redeem twice hello wait wait I just glitched it I glitched it way I think I might I go on three times I think I might wait wait what wait wait what invalid wait well I guys I got it two times we I don't know what I did I really don't know what I did um okay see you okay see you like a this is all my alt account right look it look it this is all my alt account look at these look at DC CDs delusions look it it work twice oh no no no I already had it balloons lucky I've never had candies on here right you got ten candies each we get how else can I show okay um what else was in there I don't remember but but dude it really worked 25 neon blocks okay I have 50 of them I have 50 blocks bro bro I am a hacker bro dude I'm hack in the game brought wait did you did you ever get um ammo did you ever get ammo by any chance at all how much okay okay I about to say okay guys but anyway so um yeah guys anyway that that's basically the code right there so illusion alright yeah I guess I had no idea how my root my code redeemed two times alright guys so uh don't don't mind that at all guys but yeah so um yeah I'm not too sure how I did that at all so if I can comment down below what I did because I have no idea what I did like at all to it actually then I think it's you actually a baby game glitch do you like typed in the code correctly and it said invalid no dude it is what it is kept pressing your deem and nothing was happening and then like I kept doing in I kept doing it I kept doing it and then like still so like I don't really know I don't know what it would it what happened but I I got to I got to I don't know how that happened but yeah maybe there is a coded duplication glitch that no one knows about because like I don't know about it I might have just found it I don't know I don't know hold on guys I gotta get this corn egg right here all right there we go but guys also a chill turtle did announce that he is hatching these eggs into stuff and yeah so make sure you guys stay tuned for that because he is going to hatch these eggs and they're actually gonna turn into blocks and I'm gonna have a leaked video because I do have every single block that's inside of these eggs some one day to find them and I'm gonna post in a video probably Monday or Tuesday so make sure you guys stay tuned on the channel for that if you guys want to find out what's inside of these blocks or inside these eggs and also they're probably gonna be hatching chill throw said he doesn't know when they're gonna be hatching yet either next weekend or in the middle of this week is when they're going to be hatched so yeah anyway know this might take that no no right here oh yeah we're about one everybody get one boom just right there come on let's go let's go this one this one this one this one no we lost okay we're trash alright anyway guys so um yeah alright illusions what we're gonna do is you know wandering 1v1 be tic-tac-toe right now how do I do that how can u 1v1 someone pick tucked away except for me except my own your game make sure okay so wait so do you know how to do that wait hell I'm gonna know what okay hold my guys we're gonna do a 1v1 tic-tac-toe match all right all right I'm changing over to your TA Oh know what I mean okay near my house is your team now I'm switching over now alright so um yeah guys so where am I go to his team are you gonna accept me or are you like just not gonna accept me well let me I don't have any requests well I err they off because I get oh now I'm on wait what's that now I'm off okay all right this game broken right there did you get that one right there we go alright guys so we're gonna do this take that okay I go first cuz it's my egg okay so I won't go right here okay okay this is very intense guys wait you can't go first you that means you automatically win you have to do it yeah you fugitive Yugi no no no you can't do that mm-hmm pick a spot let me go first huh let me go first I only have one let me go first delete it delete it funny you want you want you want your trash okay okay hold on no no no no I go first this time all right wait what the yo chill y'all it went all over him we with the okay hold on here we go no I okay I go first ready boom all right Oh bro if I'm not gonna win I'm at least gonna die okay nice that's my motto oh I think I won right okay I go first no that's me I'm always what do you mean I'm oh okay now you go what was on the first one see look I can't I can't do in three I'm own oh my god okay I quit bowling you try so yeah that's the code right there so yeah guys so yeah guys okay okay guys so anyway I'm going to have a video on the vlog channel also known as my second channel I'm here in like an hour or so alright guys so make sure you guys stay tuned when you guys are watching this video if you guys go over to my second channel go subscribe to eternal notifications you know it's fun whenever I make it because it is a very awesome video it is a vlog on my second channel so if you guys want to go see that make sure is go ahead click the link in the description isolated say to my second channel go click that turn notification bell alright guys so it's actually a very very insane vlog so if you guys could go check it out I mean the world to me if you guys go ahead and do that and yeah guys so they guess so so much for watching if you guys did enjoy make sure you guys do drop a like and subscribe if you guys want to use my support a career coat inside of the for night item shop it is official fusion X alright guys it's one word official fusion X it is completely free and you guys can go ahead and put that in completely free and I do shout out people that actually use it if you guys are in my discord and I see that if you guys send a picture you guys are using it in the foreign item shop I will go ahead and put that picture in my newest video and you guys will get a free shout out out alright guys so hold on let me get this corn eight and then we're gonna wrap up the video for today alright guys so here we go wait why does it go so slow at the beginning that's what I don't understand alright so here we go we're gonna go up here come on come on here we go bro alright guys wait come on come on no no no no no no no oh my gosh why I did it boosts me although I'm just holding space bar guys okay I'm not gonna fall off this time I can call it already boom there we go boom grab me the egg just like that but I say yes so so much for watching it's been fusion see you guys on the next video peace out and good bye

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  1. next code 90Safeful code item is 20 star ballon, 4 fire work normal, all egg come but one get, 2 bread this is code and item

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