Epsilon´s WACKY quest #1 [GARRY´S MOD] “a wacky application”

good day, boss..es…today I wanted to apply for planetory command aka PTY-CMD! alright so..uhh…strategic development, 7/10…power:C/A…development potenti- yeah sure! so first we have a giant space lizard, a hostile ketchup frog and a weird dragon that i encountered through a human made app. none of these were either killed nor captured, and i just encountered the recently. well sir…for one, I can´t. our media player only allows…videos to be played.also..I can´t show one of it due to… N-NSWF…content… no, NO! that´s not what I meant! NO NO NO NO, you don´t understand, PLEASE! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

One thought on “Epsilon´s WACKY quest #1 [GARRY´S MOD] “a wacky application”

    i made a huge mistake, that being that i forgot that youtube doesn´t like dark things..areas…whatever. so, the text for epsilon was a ""bit"" too dark, and i really, really really apologise for that. that said, i made subtitles so you can understand what he is saying. just activate the "english" subtitles in the subtitles option, to see the text (only epsilons text included)

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