[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO32 Group G

31 thoughts on “[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO32 Group G

  1. For those who says toss is OP, there is a semblance of truth in that. But the effectiveness of the race is more on how they adapted against common strategies against them. Now for those who can't counter them going the exact same build that toss has already prepared for, go back in front of your PCs and create a new counter strategy. Or better yet, whine in Bliizzard forums about game imbalance, after all, terrans are the whiniest players in starcraft history, closely followed by zergs.
    Check this lurker plays from 2 years ago, where toss players hit the wall.


  2. For those who wonder about the music at 2:53:35 Banger ID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x7J8K9Soc4

  3. If you like the intro video game song it's from us at Most Addictive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVnVc6BK9t0

  4. 3:20:09 "there's not a single viking out there", "there's 2". haha funny, wrong both times my friend.

  5. 역시 킹령우 당연히 올라갈줄 알았고 원이삭의 간절함 멋있었다 역시 성주 없으니 프사기 도우우승 확정이다

  6. Does anyone else find ZvZ the most boring in early game? Ling v Ling is like watching ants fight from 6 feet away.

  7. It's funny. I come back to watching competetive SC2 and DRG starts playing again. It's as if I never left. By the way, did any Zerg make it past RO32? I lost track.

  8. wait, a Protoss can do a 1 base attack, fail, then out-expand their opponent and crush their army without upgrades? Not OP at all.

  9. P v Z: Protoss build Immortals and Prism, guaranteed win. P v T: Protoss get psi storms, guaranteed win.

  10. I'm glad for Parting, but this is starting to shape out into a very bland & repetitive series of PvP Protossfest matches in the later stages of this GSL

  11. Spoiler:

    Man PartinG did an amazing job this group. I feel like his weird build is even crazier than SoS. if those those meet it will be an interesting game.

  12. I mean, as a Terran in TvZ you HAVE to inflict damage constantly or you lose because zerg inherently has a far better economic mechanic. So knowing that, Blizzard gives zerg insta free drops in the form of OP nydus which gives zerg either the choice of matching Terran aggression, or macro dominance. Yikes

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