[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO32 Group D

21 thoughts on “[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO32 Group D

  1. Thanks Afreeca, I hope you keep posting the entire broadcast VODs so it has less spoilers and feels more like you didn't missed the live stream 😀

  2. If you like the intro video game song it's from us at Most Addictive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVnVc6BK9t0

  3. No future for VR? I think you guys forgot about guns… and cars… and things that are impossible or just too dangerous in real life. Definitely could be a thing for eSports…

  4. 역시 월드챔피언십 우승했지만 그의강력한천적 킹동준 어윤수 진짜 동준이는 이길수가 없을것같다 백동준 윤수만나면 진짜간만에 우승할지도 나도 느끼는거지만 프사기가좋다 로보틱스 관문타이밍이 3종족한테 다좋음 역시 프로토콜 이것이 젤나가다 머엽이이후 2년만에 토스 우승가으자

  5. I've watched tastosis forever but lately you guys have been absolute trash at calling game way before its over. You do it so often, it defeats the purpose of enjoying the game. You did it twice in Creator vs Alive's game and both times the game went on and other person won.

  6. SC2 getting old with all the Protoss… Blizzard balance that out already so we can see more of the other cooler races please.

  7. Zerg players should blame Patience for this new PvZ timing. Just imagine if Stats, Classic and SOS study that timing and put it to perfection.

  8. why so many people complain about toss being op?
    Maru's been killing it for 4 tournaments in a row. If anything, Terran's imba.
    Those protoss players that maybe win more is because they're just playing better, they prepare better and earn the win. Group A is a beautiful beautiful example of that.
    I'm saying that as a T player. **Spoilers ahead**

    Some very nice games, I'm happy to see Dear and Soo advance, though i was surprised that Dear could beat Soo. Beautiful games 😀

  9. This wont be the season of terrans. i predict a round of 8 without any terrans. maybe 2 zergs and 6 toss.

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