24 thoughts on “[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO32 Group B

  1. guys I don't play the game just watch it so pls some1 tell me how is psi storm and colossus balanced? In most games when protoss has these tools they just drop these aoe abilities and wreck the enemy, terran and zerg alike. it feels like the other two races can only win if they seriously outplay the protoss before this combo comes online for the protoss. pls point out where am I wrong, thanks!

  2. I was actually worried for GuMiho there at the end, which should never happen in a major tournament against a tier-two or tier-three Protoss like Trust. The fact that GuMi squeaked out a victory in the end belies the fact that PvT is imbalanced as fuck right now.

  3. Is it just me or does it feel like Starcraft 2 secretly buffed Protoss without announcing any buff changes in patch notes? It's not the size that matters, it's how you micro.

  4. TERRAN DOESNT HAVE ANY SPLASH DAMAGE CASTER! Well, it had before but do you see the raven now? geting nerf one and one time. What gonna terran deal against mass broodlord & corruptor?Ghost? Their broodlord get 10 attack range, and once you get hit their broodlings shall block your way keep you far and far away from their lord.Mass viking? The zerg just spam you with Parasitic Bomb, then you must pay much more value to fight with it, even that you have a great chance to be lost! Protoss? look at his psi strom, your marine your viking just get wipe out cause they got 4 templar.
    Maybe terran need to have their nuke that land in 5 to 8sec but not 14 sec Or increase Ghost cast range?the nuke will land even ghost dead?

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