1. This is a really great talk, have watched it many times now. It needs to be spread to a wider audience.

  2. As the speaker, I wanted to point people at the "outside in tdd" talk Jason mentioned because it's a more modern look at test-driven-development in ember


  3. This talk is what got me into wanting to do TDD in Ember. His more recent talk for the Ember Global Meetup, titled "Outside in TDD", is another great talk.

  4. vim newbie here. How do I edit multiple lines like he did in 20:11?


  5. I want a whole session just on getting iTerm set up that way and learning to use it. It's so pretty and looks like a great workflow.

  6. Awesome show Toran! I would like to achieve that level of text editor wizardry in a single window. Made it really fun and informative to watch, in contrast to those live demos you see occasionally where people take five minutes trying to find the Edit menu with their mouse so they can copy something.

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